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Why Was not Inosuke At Final Selection?

For those who can be demon killers, the final choice is a deciding factor whether they will join or not. However, someone was not present when the survivors were selected. Why Was not Inosuke At Final Selection?

Inosuke was present at the final election. Inosuke completed the test very quickly, according to Zenitsu, so that no one saw him. He was the one who could run up and down the mountain very fast.

That means Inosuke competed in the same final round as Tanjiro and Zenitsu but did not get the screen time. This is probably done to come as a surprise during the Drum House Arc, as introducing both Inosuke and Zenitsu simultaneously may be too much for the author to handle.

Why Was not Inosuke At Final Selection

Ah! That person is… I heard his sound just now so I know… The 5th person that qualified… He was the fastest person during the final selection to go up and down the mountain!! He’s a hotheaded sort of person!!

Zenitsu Talking About Inosuke | Chapter #26

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Genya, and Kanao are said to have survived the final election. We do not find out until Zenitsu remembers Inosuke’s voice that he, too, participated in the election and survived, even though he was off-screen.

During the Drum House Arc, we find out more about Zenitsu and his skills. At this point, Zenitsu states that every living thing, whether an animal or a human, makes a distinctive sound. Zenitsu remembers Inosuke and her test results after she was able to focus more on him.

So you have it. Inosuke was not in the final selection; he passed the test so quickly that other demon killers failed to recognize him. Inosuke was not given screen time and appeared on the next arc during the test.

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