Why Was Naruto Hated As A Kid? Plot Answer

Naruto’s community utterly rejected naruto at a young age, and he had few pleasant connections with others. But Why Was Naruto Hated As A Kid?

Naruto was despised as a child because he was cursed with a Nine-Tailed Fox. Years ago, the fox had devastated Leaf Village and was eventually captured by the Fourth Hokage inside Naruto. Residents of Leaf Village have expressed their anger at the Fox damage in Naruto.

After helping to conquer Pain, he was able to gain the respect of the local people. The presence of the Tailors Dragon explains why Naruto has so much chakra.

Naruto finds out why he was hated as a Kid

In the chapter # 1, Naruto is persuaded to steal a document banned by the unfaithful ninja Mizuki. Iruka sensei managed to cut off Naruto’s limbs before successfully delivering the scroll to the ninja.

Mizuki starts teasing Naruto, revealing the cause of everyone’s unpopularity. Iruka begs the ninja to stop, but Mizuki reveals the worst secret.

He highlighted the event when Nine Tailed Fox destroyed Leaf Village a few years ago. According to Mizuki, except for small Naruto, an announcement was made to inform everyone in the area.

According to the order, no one was allowed to tell Naruto that he was a Fox Demon who destroyed the city. The residents of Leaf Village revere naruto as the one who killed their families and turned their village down. Mizuki reveals that Tailed Beast was imprisoned inside Naruto by Fourth Lord Hokage.

Since then you’ve been made a fool of by everyone in town! Didn’t you think it was strange? To be despised, everywhere you went?

Mizuki to Naruto | Chapter #1

Mizuki continues to insult Naruto. Naruto, he says, has never known the love of his parents, as the nation has rejected him since birth. Naruto could only hope for attention, not love. As long as someone paid attention to him, he was glad to accept any criticism.

So you have it. Naruto was despised as a child because he was cursed with Nine-Tailed Fox. The fox destroyed the village before being captured by the Fourth Hokage inside Naruto. Naruto became the subject of Leaf Village’s mourning for Fox’s death.

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