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Why Is Todoroki Mom In The Hospital?

Todoroki Mom is in hospital after Endeavor announced he was mentally ill. The Endeavor took Todoroki to the hospital and put him in a coma indefinitely after spilling boiling water on his face.

His words of encouragement greatly influenced Todoroki’s progress throughout the Sports Festival arc season 2. In recent arcs, Rei has become a fundamental and ever-present character. Towards the end of season 4, we learn more about Todoroki’s mother, Rei Todoroki.

Todoroki received a few apologies from him. Todoroki forgives him and has no negative feelings about him. He believes that his father’s mistreatment of their family was the leading cause of the stress in the home. Todoroki wanted to convey the hatred he expected from his mother to his father.

Why did Todoroki’s mother Burn Him?

Todoroki’s large left side, meaning Endeavor, drew his attention. Todoroki’s mother set him on fire ever since she became more like Endeavor. Endeavor’s persistent abuse of their family, physically and mentally, eventually weakened her physically and emotionally. She poured hot tea on her head, overwhelmed with emotion.

Todoroki has to decide whether to forgive his mother or not.

As It Stands Now

Shoto Todoroki, along with his two brothers Fuyumi and Natsuo, are now free to visit their mother in the hospital whenever they wish. Shoto began to see his mother secretly, but as time went on, he became more open about his intentions and gradually persuaded his siblings to join him.

Todoroki’s mother is in hospital after Endeavor declared she was insane, despite her efforts to reconcile with her family. She made an effort to visit Todoroki’s mother in the hospital and forge strong friendship bonds with her children.

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