Why Is Naruto Obsessed With Sasuke?

The whole point of Shippuden is Naruto’s zeal for bringing Sasuke back to Leaf Village. But Why Is Naruto Obsessed With Sasuke?

Because he considers Sasuke his best friend, Naruto is busy protecting him. As a child, he fell in love with Sasuke’s skills as a ninja, and their relationship grew into a friendly competition that pushed them to improve.

When Sasuke revealed that he wanted to fight Naruto, it was clear that the two were created to train together soon.

Naruto Explains Why He’s Obsessed With Sasuke

Naruto confides in Sasuke about his actual views on their relationship in Chapter # 227. Sasuke is determined to leave the village to pursue greater power under the curse mark of Orochimaru, despite Naruto’s plea.

Sasuke… I knew you were always alone. I used to be glad I found you, someone like me. I was happy. From first glance, I wanted to know you. But it wasn’t that simple. You could do anything. You were always so popular. We’re different, you and I. I was frustrated and I decided you were my rival. I had to beat you, especially with everyone calling me a loser.

Naruto to Sasuke | Chapter #227

As children, their competition was small and limited. Even though Sasuke sometimes ignored or dismissed Naruto, he quietly realized that he, too, had experienced the misery of growing up alone and having no family. Even though Sasuke’s behavior was inconsistent and stagnant, Naruto believed that Sasuke’s ninja escape was something to be commended.

Then they threw us together in Cell Number 7, and nothing was changed. Stubborn as I was, I never let on what I really felt. Truth was, I just wanted to be like you.

Naruto to Sasuke | Chapter #227

The reunion did not eliminate any animosity between Naruto and Sasuke. However, it gave Naruto a chance to show his worth. During the Chunin Exams, Sasuke said he would like to fight Naruto more.

You were my idol. Hearing that, I was never happier. With those words, for the first time you acknowledged I was good. And… Yes, without trading blows. Without saying a word, I knew right then and there… We were friends! It’s not insignificant. To me, you’re my closest friend.

Naruto to Sasuke | Chapter #227

So you have it. Because he considers Sasuke, his best friend, Naruto loves him. The competition between the two ninjas helped their development as ninjas and humans.

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