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Why Does Yuji Itadori Watch Movies?

Gojo wants Itadori to watch as many different movies as possible, which is an unusual training method. But Why Does Yuji Itadori Watch Movies?

Yuji Itadori is forced to watch movies to learn to manage his cursed powers. You experience many emotions because of the movies, and you have to learn to control the flow of cursed energy in each situation.

If Yuji’s cursed power isn’t strong, the school principal offers a cursed corpse to attack him. Gojo put something under Yuji’s direction to practice with it.

Gojo advised Yuji Itadori to watch various Movies

Gojo advises Yuji in Chapter # 13 that he should start watching movies. Yuji should watch the film every waking moment, whether it’s a horror film or a French film.

Yuji was then given one of the cursed bodies of the principal. When the corpse wakes up, it becomes furious and will attack Yuji until the continuous flow of cursed power touches us. Gojo says that seeing so many films will evoke a variety of emotions, including tears and laughter.

Yuji can now control the flow of his cursed power in any situation because of his training. According to Gojo, too much or too little will not work. Initially, the corpse would be equal to Yuji’s cursed power, now considered inferior. It will only worsen when the cursed power repeatedly settles over time as more power is blown away.

Yuji found it difficult at first. You soon find out that having a cola mouth when a cursed body jumps on him was not good.

So you have it. Yuji Itadori is forced to watch movies to keep his cursed power under control. His cursed power will end if he expresses any feelings. He must learn how to feel emotions while maintaining a stable energy curse.

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