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Why Does Todoroki Have A Scar?

Todoroki have A Scar on his head as his mother pours hot water on him early. His left side was reminiscent of his father, Endeavor, who had wronged the Todoroki family physically and mentally. He spilled the water in a fit of rage and immediately regretted it.

The origin of Todoroki’s scar, one of his most recognizable marks, has long been known in the series. Over time, flashbacks add more detail to the situation, but the overall view remains the same.

Every time she gets a chance, He visits her mother in the hospital. Endeavor, according to Todoroki, is to criticize the kind of family situation that leads to trouble in the first place.

Why did Todoroki hate his Father?

Because of his father’s anger, Todoroki despises him. He would take Todoroki from his brothers and teach him siblings, creating a situation where his mother would pour boiling water over his face. Todoroki claims that his father, Endeavor, was responsible for the tragedy that day.

Endeavor has made an extra effort to reunite his family in recent arcs. Todoroki has always been very receptive to his father’s presence and regular efforts to improve the connection due to this, and the two have become very close. Slowly.

How old was Todoroki when he get his scar?

Todoroki discovered his scar when he was five years old. The average age at which a person begins to show signs of quirk growth is kindergarten, and his father Endeavor pressured him to start training as soon as possible. Todoroki’s mother grew up disliking Todoroki’s left side, which reminded her of her father, as Endeavor’s abuse became more severe.

A year or so had passed between Todoroki’s training and the duration of his scars. Todoroki’s older brother was also Scared as a child.

Is Todoroki’s Scar A Frost Burn?

Todoroki’s scar may have been frozen. Going back to chapter # 249, the lie shows her mother trying to heal a burn with her ice. His efforts to help may leave a scar, perhaps causing more harm than good. At the moment, the manga does not go into detail enough to say that his ice is improving or making Todoroki’s scar worse.

Is Todoroki Blind In His Left Eye?

Todoroki has no blind spot in his left eye. It does not mean that you are blind to manga or anime. He is not blind, despite the scar on his face and the unusual tint of his eyes.

Shoto Todoroki’s scar was made by his mother pouring boiling water on him. Shoto has accepted the situation and accuses Endeavor of pressuring his mother to do it even though it was a bad idea that many would expect him to be upset with.

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