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Why Does Todoroki Hate His Dad?

Todoroki’s relationship with his dad, Endeavor, has been strained since the beginning of the series. But Why Does Todoroki Hate His Dad?

Todoroki says he Hate His Dad because he blames him for his family’s disagreement. He Hate His Dad by dressing his mother until he reaches the point where he strikes and burns Todoroki’s face.

Endeavor’s main goal was to create the proper hybrid-quirk interest to continue his legacy. He pushed and trained Todoroki to develop two different skills early, ignoring his other children, who had only one quirk (fire and snow).

Todoroki hated his Dad because of the tremendous pressure he was under to make his Father’s wishes and the abuse of Endeavor by his wife and other children.

When Endeavor became the first hero and Todoroki reached adolescence, the Father began making efforts to improve his communication with both his children and his wife. Todoroki recognizes his Father’s efforts to change.

Chapter-Specific Answer On Why Todoroki Does Hate His Dad

Todoroki’s sister, Fuyumi, invites him, Deku, and Bakugo to dinner at their house in Chapter # 249, “The Hellish Todoroki Family.”

When Endeavor sits down to eat, Todoroki’s brother, Natsu, finds it difficult to pretend that everything is normal. He comes out on top, and Todoroki expresses his thoughts on Endeavor’s recent efforts to rebuild and reunite the family.

This burn… I think of it as something our old man gave me. Mom endured and endured… until she couldn’t anymore. So I can’t just decide to forgive the guy who wore her down.

Todoroki to Fuyumi | Chapter #249

Shoto notes that their Mom is trying to “go further” on her unpleasant experience with Endeavor, but she still hasn’t decided on her Father’s efforts to correct those mistakes.

Deku apologizes for hearing Todoroki’s conversation with his sister but gives Todoroki advice.

“Todoroki, I think… you’re getting yourself ready to be able to forgive him. But because you’re so caring yourself, it’s like you’re waiting… or at least that’s how it seems.

Deku to Todoroki | Chapter #249

So you have it. Todoroki despises his Father for blaming him for family problems. His Father’s actions humiliated his mother so much that she went mad and burned Todoroki’s face.

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