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Why Does Tanjiro Not Wear His Mask?

Before the final selection test, the former Hashira waterman gave Tanjiro a hand-carved wooden mask. But Why Does Tanjiro Not Wear His Mask?

Tanjiro does not wear his mask as it serves as a common barrier to evil. She does not need to hide her identity, so the desired effect should be achieved as long as the mask is still on her body.

Each of his disciples was given one of these “masks,” which is said to have the ability to protect himself from evil.

Tanjiro receives his mask from Urokodaki

In Chapter # 6, Urokodaki gives Tanjiro permission to take the final selection test. He gives Tanjiro a “protective mask” designed to protect him from harm.

The mask is on the same path as the previous Urokodaki students, Sabito and Makomo. Tanjiro wears his mask next to his head rather than his face as he prepares for the final selection. He does not need to hide his identity as the primary purpose of the mask is to protect her.

Tanjiro learns more about the masks

Tanjiro’s ward mask is tied around his head in Chapter # 7. He meets a vast beast that has eaten more than 50 people who have tried the final test.

The demon claims to be familiar with the masks of Urokodaki ward. It targeted the killers differently as a form of revenge that Urokodaki bound a demon many years ago under probation.

Tanjiro comes in to attack, but the demon can throw hundreds of hands. Tanjiro’s mask breaks when his arms hit him in the tree.

Tanjiro returns to Urokodaki after the monster is finally destroyed and wins the final election. His sensei tells the origin of this giant beast but refuses to give Tanjiro another mask. Masks were created to keep Urokodaki students safe while fighting in the test, but now that Tanjiro has removed the barrier to all student paths, they are no longer needed.

By hiding the final selection time, Zenitsu was able to pass. On the other hand, Inosuke does not seem to have reached the end yet, based on how quickly he has accomplished it.

So you have it. Tanjiro does not need to hide his identity, so he does not wear his mask. The mask has the usual anti-evil properties and should be on Tanjiro’s body for the results to be visible.

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