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Why Does Tanjiro Have Water Powers?

In the world of Demon Slayer, there are several basic breathing techniques. So, Why Does Tanjiro Have Water Powers?

Tanjiro has water skills thanks to his training by Urokodaki, the former Water Hashira. Giyu, the current Water Hashira, also recommended training.

Luckily, Giyu runs away at a young age. Because that was the only training he had received at the time, Tanjiro is learning to breathe water. Later, he discovers that fire breathing is his first breath, although Tanjiro retains his water talents.

Tanjiro learns to use his water Powers

Water Hashira appears in Chapter # 3 of the book. Giyu sends a letter about Tanjiro to his senate and before Water Hashira, Urokodaki. According to the letter, he would be sending Urokodaki, a small child who said he wished to be a demon-possessed victim.

Tanjiro dared to confront Giyu unarmed, according to the letter. Giyu describes how he came in contact with Tanjiro, claiming that he was a demon-possessed person and that his sister, Nezuko, had become a Demon Slayer. Nezuko, on the other hand, decides not to attack the people and hides her teeth under the bamboo.

Giyu notes that Tanjiro and Nezuko are quite different from one another. Tanjiro, like Urokodaki, has a strong sense of smell. Giyu specifies that Tanjiro may be well suited to continue breathing habits in the water.

Giyu wrote, “Please train him.” “Please forgive me if this is a selfish request.”

Tanjiro learns how to breathe water after arrival and is taken under the wing of Urokodaki. Even though fire breathing is Tanjiro’s standard feature, he learns to breathe water. He has no way of knowing his natural breathing pattern right now. To his knowledge, Tanjiro is his family’s first sword shooter.

So you have it. Tanjiro has power over water because of the initial demonic training he received. Tanjiro recently embarked on that first course where the current Water Hashira recommends training under the reluctant Water Hashira.

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