Why Does Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke?

Even though the two had never been close, Shikamaru was tasked to bring Sasuke home. Why Does Shikamaru Rescue Sasuke?

Shikamaru is responsible for saving Sasuke at the behest of the Hokage Tsunade. Because all the Jonins had gone to other jobs, he assigned the task of returning Sasuke to Shikamaru, the newly formed Chunin.

The Tsunade tells him to collect as many Genins as possible and get out of the hamlet as quickly as possible.

Shikamaru was also encouraged to invite Naruto on a trip to save Sasuke. Some party bosses may not want Naruto to join them, but Shikamaru is not high enough to reject Naruto. Tsunade understands that Naruto will get angry if Sasuke’s performance manager doesn’t want him, and Tsunade knows this.

Shikamaru is instructed to rescue Sasuke

The Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, welcomes Shikamaru to his office in Chapter # 182. He tells her that Sasuke Uchiha has fled the City and is on his way to the Hidden Village in the Sound. Because of the strength and development of the ability to curse mark, Sasuke finally decided to dedicate himself to Orochimaru.

Tsuande says the assignment needs immediate action and that there will be problems. Orochimaru fans may be helping Sasuke travel internationally and reach their destination.

Shikamaru looks at how tired he is of the prospect of meeting Sasuke. Shikamaru pointed out, “To my classmates, he was good at everything.” “She was undoubtedly better than me.”

He offers the Tsunade to form a group of four men, with Jonin and Chunin at least in it. He dismisses the idea, telling Shikamaru that some Joninis do different jobs.

“Within the next half an hour, gather as many Genin as you deem necessary, and leave the village.”

Lady Tsunade to Shikamaru | Chapter #182

Shikamaru believes that he should do it no matter how difficult this assignment may be. You are sure that everything will be okay in the end.

So you have it. Shikamaru is responsible for saving Sasuke as the Hokage Tsunade demanded it. All Jonins are in other assignments, so Shikamaru has been replaced as the only Chunin available.

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