Why Does Sasuke Give Boruto His Headband?

Why does Sasuke give Boruto his headband? The iconic headband from the rest of the series, but why did Sasuke give Boruto his headband?

Because he admits Boruto as a shinobi, Sasuke decides to give him his belt. Boruto’s reputation was shattered when Naruto stripped him of his belt after cheating during Chunin’s tests. When Boruto promises to help Naruto, Sasuke hands him his headband.

Boruto and Sasuke teamed up with Five Kage to rescue Naruto from Momoshiki after receiving a headband.

Sasuke gives Boruto his old headband

Boruto stares at Hokage’s father’s office in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter # 6. Momoshiki has kidnaped Naruto, and Boruto is very worried as he has disappointed Naruto before.

Because he used scientific ninja equipment, Boruto had to fail Chunin’s tests. As a result, Naruto pulled out his baby and took his ninja belt as a show of shame.

Sasuke then entered Hokage’s office. He informed Boruto that he could not see Naruto’s chakra, which he interpreted as a sign that he was still alive, but they should both leave immediately. Despite the boy’s previous setbacks, Sasuke tells Boruto that he still takes him as his student. Boruto realizes that his long-term prospects for success are excellent as he is the son of Naruto and has been taught by Sasuke.

Sasuke commends Boruto for his sudden interest in learning about Naruto’s achievements rather than his mistakes. The other Mage shows support for both. Sasuke gives Boruto his old belt before they leave.

Out of respect, he gave Boruto a headband. Speaking at the Hokage office, the two agreed that Boruto would never cheat his way out again. At this point, Sasuke completely hugs Boruto and gives him his headband.

Given Naruto’s removal of Boruto’s headband, Sasuke’s dedication may represent forgiveness and reunification in Leaf Shinobi.

So you have it. Out of respect, Sasuke decides to give Boruto his belt. Boruto claims that cheating on Chunin’s tests was a mistake. After a brief conversation, Sasuke hands him his old headband.

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