Why Does Sasuke Fight Killer Bee? Plot Explanation

The fight between Sasuke and Killer Bee was one of the rare occasions when we saw Sasuke emerge from the ninja war. But Why Does Sasuke Fight Killer Bee?

Killer Bee tries to take Sasuke’s Tailed Beast, so Sasuke has to fight him. Because he too wanted to destroy Leaf Village, the Akatsuki agreed to let Sasuke know where Killer Bee was. Leaf Village will be destroyed if it steals the Beast and Akatsuki has a Naruto beast.

To identify the village elders, Akatsuki and Taka (Sasuke’s evil ninja unit) agreed to cooperate.

Plot Behind Why Does Sasuke Fight Killer Bee

In Chapter # 404, Sasuke sits in a secluded spot next to Obito and Kisame’s Akatsuki. He tells Obito that his main goal is to end Leaf Village elders with their involvement in influencing Itachi.

Even Taka (Sasuke’s ninja rebel group), Kisame, says that attacking the older men will not happen. The lower ones will be protected.

Obito agrees but agrees that Akatsuki is also shorter than men. He recommends that Taka and Akatsuki join forces to attack Leaf Village as the two teams have the same goal.

If Sasuke agrees, Akatsuki would be happy to share “Biju” with them. Biju is chakra monsters that take the form of Tailed Beasts, as the source of Naruto’s chakra, the Nine Tails. There are nine Biju, and the Akatsuki have collected seven of them so far. Naruto’s Nine Tailed Fox and Killer Bee’s Eight-Tails are the only ones left.

Both teams want to collect the last two animals and split the power. Akatsuki will manage to find Naruto, while Sasuke will accompany Taka in his quest for Killer Bee. Itachi and Kisame tried to take Naruto’s beast to Leaf Village in the past but were unsuccessful.

Was Killer Bee trying to against Sasuke?

For the first few moments of their fight, Killer Bee mocked Sasuke. He did not take her for granted, interrupting the struggle every second and writing a poem that came to her.

On the other hand, Killer Bee was going to fight Sasuke later in the war. He let go of all the power of his Tail Dragon and did not hold back the force of his jute. Because of the brutality of the war, Killer Bee was forced to flee.

How does Killer Bee manage to escape Sasuke?

By replacing Sasuke with the decoy, Killer Bee managed to escape. After cutting Killer Bee’s tent, Sasuke used a jutsu instead of a fake one. When Sasuke returned the bait to Akatsuki’s traditional Tailed Beast release, he didn’t notice it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sasuke beat Killer Bee?

Even though he behaves in a ridiculous manner and raps a lot, he is far more deadly than he appears. Bee also stood among the strongest members of the Allies Shinobi Forces, not only being able to fight Sasuke Uchiha in single combat (forcing him to rely on the Amaterasu in the end) but also being one of the strongest.

How did Sasuke beat bee?

Anime and manga fans of Naruto. Both his Sharingan and his MS did little to help him in that fight, if you didn’t notice. Bee’s Disturbance Style is Sasuke’s Sharingan, and not only did he get kicked in the shins by Bee, but he also needed the help of Suigetsu and Jugo in order to even keep up with Bee.

Does Sasuke beat the 8 tails?

Eight-Tails were to be captured. The four-on-one match between Sasuke and Killer Bee didn’t end well for Taka, although Sasuke put up a good fight.

Is Gaara stronger than Killer Bee?

Gaara is faster, stronger, and more experienced than Imo Bee. It was possible for him to penetrate Gaara’s basic defenses with his lightning attacks, while he also had the ability to penetrate Gaara’s more serious defenses with his BijuuBombs. There’s no way Gaara can beat Bee in speed, and the fight with Bee is so terrifying.

Why is Naruto so much stronger than Bee?

As a result of having the strongest Jinchuuriki and Sage and Kyuubi Chakra Mode, Naruto is stronger than anyone else. However, the outcome is not certain. Then Bee would be significantly more powerful and experienced than Naruto if they didn’t fight with the Jinchuuriki.

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