Why Does Sasuke Bite Karin? Specific Answer

When it comes to medical ninjutsu, the district’s anti-leaf organization “Taka” has an ace. It is slightly different from usual, as ninja doctor Karin allows Sasuke to bite him. But Why Does Sasuke Bite Karin?

Sasuke intends to bite Karin to get rid of his chakra. When someone bites and removes his chakra, he has the power to make others absorb it.

This is a step used by Sasuke. Karin works a double job in the team, working as a therapist and neuroscientist ninja.

Plot Reason Why Does Sasuke Bite Karin

Sasuke will prepare him for his career against Killer Bee in Chapter # 412. The vicious ninja has never encountered an enemy like him and is locked in a corner while his team tries to protect him.

A member of Sasuke’s band, “Taka” Karin, a nerve ninja, takes him out of the battle. “Sasuke!” It hurts. “This will not work.”

The ninja then folded his arm, showing his arm covered with large bite wounds. Karin begs Sasuke to bite her sooner rather than later. She cries out in pain, but soon Sasuke recovers and praises her.

Taka is confused when it comes to fighting Killer Bee. Instead of arresting him, they agreed to do everything as if they were trying to end his life.

Killer Bee sees Sasuke and Karin and considers their tactics.

“It seems that by streaming Raiton through his body to deflect my attacks, he avoided mortal injury. And that woman possesses the ability to heal others by letting them suck her chakra, huh, feh, feh, feh.”

Killer Bee Talking About Sasuke and Karin | Chapter #412

So you have it. Karin has the power to make anyone absorb his chakra by biting his body. If Sasuke wants to suck Karin’s chakra and join the fight, he should bite him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Karin get bitten?

Karin, on the other hand, has an immense healing power but does not have the power to control or control it. She biting herself worked because it released her healing power (Or at least it seemed to do so in some way) and because her healing power was locked inside her body.

What happens when Sasuke bites Karin?

While Sasuke was severely injured during battle, biting Karin resulted in her healing him… since he lost most of his chest during the battle.

Does Sasuke have feelings for Karin?

There is proof. Sasuke was shown to be in love with Karin when she was introduced. After Sasuke saves Karin during the second phase of the Ch*nin Exam, it is confirmed in her memory that she begins to feel a connection to him.

Is Karin Sarada’s mom?

Consequently, Suigetsu performed a DNA test and concluded that Karin was the real mother of Sarada, which shocked the Boruto fandom. Suigetsu, however, used the Sakura DNA sample instead of Karin’s since he mistook it for hers. As a result, Karin is not Sarada’s mother, but her mother is Sakura.

Did Karin and Sasuke have a child?

Sarada’s paternity is unclear, but considering Karin had so much adoration for Sasuke, it’s plausible she had sex with Sasuke, and that child may be Sarada.

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