Why Does Sasuke Assemble A Team?

Sasuke’s ninja team, Hebi, is listed as a global threat. But Why Does Sasuke Assemble A Team?

Sasuke has to form a team to find Itachi, his brother. He betrayed Orochimaru and assembled a shinobi group to speed up the process of following Itachi and fighting him.

Two aggressive ninjas provide physical assistance while the nerves offer to test. Karin, their ninja’s nerve, with her unique skills, can also provide medical service.

Sasuke Assembles and names his Team

After parting with Orochimaru’s compound in Chapter # 348, Sasuke and Suigetsu go to the Orochimaru prison. Karin, the prison warden, is the next person Sasuke wants to join their group.

Suigetsku asks why Sasuke is joining the party.

“I have a goal,” Sasuke said. “Having a small group will help me get there faster.”

Sasuke says that he has been looking for a unique and powerful shinobi since joining Orochimaru. He knew he would betray him and start his organization one day.

Suigetsku believes that Sasuke can surpass Karin. Suigetsku was his student, and he firmly believed in the teachings of Orochimaru. While some shinobi are equally powerful and easy to manage, Sasuke says Karin has a unique ability that no one else has. Karin has the power to bite Sasuke and give him part of his chakra at any time.

Sasuke’s team is assembled and ready to make its first appearance in Chapter # 352. Their group will be known as “The Hebi,” and their only goal will be to reach Itachi Uchiha.

So you have it. Sasuke has to form a team to help him search for Itachi. Having more muscle and support while searching for Itachi can speed up the process and be beneficial.

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