Why Does Rock Lee Wear Weights?

One of the most famous scenes in Naruto history is the protagonist Guy Sensei who threw his weapons at Chunin’s tests. But Why Does Rock Lee Wear Weights?

When Rock Lee wears armor, he finds that it improves his fighting speed. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

There are a few applications for weight training equipment. Baseball players use heavy rings on their bats before climbing onto the plate to improve their swing speed, and this trend can be seen in real life when Goku wears heavy training clothes.

Rock Lee Wear Weights For the first time

During his fight with Gaara, Rock Lee removes his weapons for the first time. Chunin’s tests were fully operational, and it was quickly decided that a 1-on-1 battle would be needed. Too many students have passed the final exam, so few must be excused before moving on to another.

Lee has been compared to Gaara after a few rounds. Lee had to lower the weights he had hidden inside the warmth of his leg as Gaara’s sand defenses could not be moved in his usual way.

Oh, Guy… The most sickeningly sweet, sentimentally traditional kind of training!

Kakashi to Guy Sensei | Chapter #82

When Lee’s weight dropped to the ground, smashed to pieces by the collision of tons and tons of pounds, the crowd turned to surprise.

Guy Sensei explained Lee’s reason for using his leg braces in the audience.

It’s because he had no aptitude for either Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. That Lee devoted himself so exclusively to Taijutsu. All his time. All his energy. All his focus. So even if he lacked any other kind of abilities at all, he’d still be unbeatable as a Taijutsu specialist! In terms of speed, Lee can’t be surpassed. I thought I gave you all fair warning that this boy is really strong!

Guy Sensei to Crowd | Chapter #82

That is, in fact, the solution. Rock Lee enjoys wearing armor because it allows him to move quickly after being released. Once he is allowed to fight where he is always against, extra weight strengthens his body, and movement becomes a piece of cake.

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