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Why Does Nezuko Have Bamboo? Plot Reason

Nezuko’s most distinguishing characteristic is her bamboo muzzle. But why did she put it on in the first place, and how did Nezuko Have Bamboo?

Nezuko has bamboo to conceal her monster teeth from the rest of the world. It’s also an additional layer of protection if she reverts to her feral state and attacks someone.

Her bamboo muzzle was first given to her in Chapter 1. After knocking her out, Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka inserted the bamboo in her mouth.

After transforming into a demon, Giyu was ready to fight Nezuko. Giyu put the bamboo on her before seeing Sensei Urodokai because she demonstrated a readiness to curb her flesh-eating cravings.

In a letter to his old sensei, the Demon Slayer urged him to take Tanjiro and demon-Nezuko under his wing. It said that Tanjiro has a comparable sense of smell like Sensei Urodokai. Nezuko is an exception, according to the letter, since she resists her demon tendencies.

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Nezuko Having Bamboo: Pillar’s Thoughts

The bamboo aids Nezuko in making a more favorable first impression. It takes a lot for her to revert to her feral state, but it’s important to keep the fact that she’s a demon hidden whenever possible. Never before has a demon collaborated with the slayers.

Should she revert to her feral state and attack a person, the bamboo muzzle would be a deterrent. The bamboo has repeatedly stopped Nezuko from flashing her teeth and revealing her demon identity.

The Pillars of the Demon Slayers are hesitant to collaborate with a demon after meeting Nezuko and Tanjiro. When the Wind Pillar tries to persuade Nezuko to attack him, the bamboo muzzle works to her advantage.

Nezuko’s demon status would be revealed if she removed her bamboo. Her demon thoughts have taken advantage of the bamboo’s coming off a few times. This opens the door for her to assault someone.

That’s all there is to it. Nezuko has bamboo to disguise her demon teeth, but it also serves as a safety net if she goes wild and attacks someone.

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