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Why Does Makima Like Dogs? Character Spoilers Ahead

When Denji first enters Makima’s house, hundreds of dogs greet him. But Why Does Makima Like Dogs?

Dogs are Makima’s favorite pets as they are fully obedient. The Control Demon, the devil, has hired him, representing his desire never to disobey and be in charge all the time. He can always be a boss if he surrounds himself with something as obedient as a dog.

Makima likes to tell Denji what to do as he seems alive.

Chapter Specifics Behind Why Makima Likes Dogs

Denji sits with Makima in his two-story apartment in Chapter # 81. He found her on a park bench, thinking of her fight with Aki. Makima asks Denji to come home so they can talk and think.

There are about a dozen different dogs in the apartment. Makima seems to show emotion only when she is with her pets, stroking and patting each one individually. Denji realizes how much he loves and values ​​dogs, so he asks Makima to treat him the same way.

Denji says he no longer wants to think for himself. Denji just had to worry about going on living in his former life. He still has thousands of jobs on his mind as he joins all these new friends and the devil hunt.

Denji’s desire for meditation may diminish if he acts and behaves like a puppy under Makima’s guidance. Denji still has one chance to back down from his request, but he promises Makima a sign of peace he intends to pursue.

Makima’s Love For Dogs

You sure? My dogs have to obey me with complete obedience.

Makima to Denji | Chapter #81

Makima’s love for dogs is reflected in the sentence. They listen to the error and will obey the orders of their master without hesitation. Makima, possessed by Control Devil, yearns for complete and complete submission from all around him.

He is trying to change history and touch the world around him through his Control Devil. Simply put, his whole life goal is to control it. He even tried to take Denji’s heart to prevent him. Unless there are serious situations, dogs will always obey their owners. Makima can see his control goal by circling hundreds of dogs while circling people raises freedom of choice issues.

So you have it. Makima loves dogs because they are easy to train and obedient. Because of his dealings with the Devil of Control, he yearns to be respectful and control every aspect of his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Makima a dog?

Makima (マキマ, Makima?) is a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter who became attached to Denji.

How old is Makima?

Her ability to manipulate is not inherent, but comes from being a great manipulator. When Denji encounters the Gun Devil one day, he will be motivated to kill it. Makima likes Denji when he sees him like this. Makima is over 100 years old.

What does Makima mean?

“Makima is the symbol of dominance in Chainsaw Man, and it was for this reason that he was the first character I had an image of from both the outside and the inside.”

Why did Denji become Makima’s dog?

Makima tells Denji she will grant any wish he makes to defeat the Gun Devil after showing him all her dogs. It is quite obvious why Denji wishes to be Makima’s dog in much of the series; his infatuation with her motivates him to be around or please her.

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