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Why Does Inosuke Wear A Boar Mask?

Why Does Inosuke Wear A Boar Mask? His trait that most distinguished him, but how did he grow?

Because pigs raised him during the first few years of his life, Inosuke enjoys wearing a pig mask. It is unknown how the wild boar found him, but according to his chapter of Genesis, the mother pig may have just lost one of her chicks.

Inosuke’s persona is now known for its use of pig masks.

The Reason of Why Inosuke Likes To Wear A Boar Mask

“Inosuke Tales,” an additional chapter, elaborates on the history of Inosuke. After being raised in the wild, he has his first contact with humanity in Chapter # 71.5.

“Hashibira Inosuke is a boy raised by boars. It is not known how this wild boar found him, but the mother boar may have just lost one of her children.”

The Inosuke Tales / Chapter #71.5

According to the chapter, people who do not learn to speak at a certain age find it difficult to learn a language later in life. Despite the environment in which he lived, Inosuke was a gifted speaker.

Taharu, a young man, was living with his grandfather. He worked hard, but one day he returned home to see his grandfather eating a “strange animal.” This was baby Inosuke, who crawled on all fours like a beast and carried the pig’s face on his head.

Takaharu rushed Inosuke to protect his grandfather. Because of his background, the young man had an evil tongue, but he vowed to defend his grandfather because of his diminished memory.

“Old man!! It’s dangerous, so don’t feed it. His mother might come back down from the mountains.”

The Inosuke Tales / Chapter #71.5

When Takaharu’s grandfather returned, he sat down with a pig in his lap and told stories. Taharu fired Inosuke again. When Inosuke returned, Grandpa saw the word “Hashibira Inosuke” adorned on the baby’s beach. Takaharu gave his grandfather a tutorial on how to train Inosuke to speak.

Inosuke kicked the young man in the face before he was fired again. At that time, he lived with his family. When Inosuke left to meet Tanjiro, who has his scar, it is not clear. Inosuke likes to wear a pig mask when they are both together.

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