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Why Does Inosuke Look Like A Girl? Fan Question

Why Does Inosuke Look Like A Girl? who is a repeated gag in Demon Slayer. What exactly is the basis of the story after this?

Because she resembles her mother, Inosuke looks like a girl. They both have the same beautiful features and have the same look.

During the last arc, Inosuke gets a lot of information about his mother. If you have not finished the manga yet, I recommend taking careful steps to avoid robbers about Inosuke’s past.

History of Inosuke’s Mother

While fighting Upper Moon Two, Doma, Inosuke learns about his mother. Inosuke, according to the demon, seemed to be someone he knew.

Doma says Inosuke and his mother were taken by his team to save him from an abusive spouse. When found, my mother was blind and had a swollen face, but she was okay after she recovered.

“She had the same face as you, but she looked more soft and delicate. Your Mom, am I right? Oh, yeah! No mistake about that.”

Doma to Inosuke / Chapter #160

The Devil intended to keep Inosuke’s mother beside him, but he discovered that Doma was eating devils in his cult. He escaped and ran for the cliff, throwing Inosuke into the bronze river as Doma chased him and killed him.

Inosuke ended up being cared for by the pig family for some reason. The only memory of Inosuke’s childhood is wearing a boar mask to honor what he sees as his real family. He did not remember his real mother until he faced Doma in a fight.

Where Else Does Inosuke Look Like A Girl?

Inosuke’s tendency to dress like a woman. She worked for him during the Entertainment Region story. He, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu have been tasked to disguise themselves as potential marriage mates to obtain a demon. Compared to her two friends, Inosuke’s appearance made her more convincing as a woman.

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