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Why Does Inosuke Chip His Swords?

Aside from his boar mask, Inosuke’s twin swords are one of his most visible symbols. But Why Does Inosuke Chip His Swords?

Inosuke enjoys cutting his swords as it increases his injury effect. As the sword splits in and out of the opponent, he says it sounds like a “cut with a thousand blades.”

Inosuke’s weapons, like those of all other demon killers, have their distinctive features.

Inosuke And His Chip Swords Captured Tanjiro’s Attitude

Inosuke met Tanjiro and Zenitsu during the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc, commonly known as the Drum House Arc. At first, he was furious and hit Tanjiro just in the face. Inosuke’s twin swords attracted Tanjiro’s attention.

Getting sliced by one of my blades is going to really hurt! This isn’t a blade that can be used by little children. It can make the person that was sliced experience the feeling of being sliced by a thousand blades!

Inosuke to Tanjiro | Chapter #22

We know that Inosuke got his two swords by killing low-level demon hunters while exploring the area. Exactly when he sharpened his sword is not clear. He should have done so early if he had led them in the final election.

Inosuke used to rip his swords out of ingenuity. Outwardly, he is strong, and his flawed swords, devoid of the brilliance of the beauty of other demon killers, fit into his subtle nature and independence.

Inosuke has always been at the forefront of all battles in the Drum House Arc and others. During battles, you get a lot more screen time than Zenitsu. Inosuke is often paired with a highly sophisticated demon killer as the number two hero.

All in all, Inosuke loves to rip his swords off with the growing damage they inflict. As crushed criminals pass through the enemy, he describes it as “a thousand swords.”

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