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Why Does Gojo Hate The Higher Ups?

Gojo insults his employers, but Why Does Gojo Hate The Higher Ups?

Gojo despises senior management because he believes they are losing value. For generations, particular curse curses and witches have gone beyond what was previously thought possible. Gojo believes it is inevitable that senior officials will be questioned.

Gojo is also upset by the lack of transparency. The seniors are working against Yuji Itadori’s success, but they will not admit that to Gojo.

Considering that Gojo has the famous Six Eyes talent, he is already more potent than his bosses. You must warn that future generations will continue to see their professors disrespect over time. The power within the witch will continue to grow.

Gojo explains his hate for the Higher Ups

The Kyoto Jujutsu High School principal, Yoshinobu Gakuganji, is awaiting the scheduled time with principal Yaga in Chapter # 18.

Gojo enters Yaga’s house through a sliding door and sits on a sofa facing Yoshinobu. Gojo says he forced Ijichi to provide a fictional schedule for the day.

Gojo jumps straight to charging. According to him, a participating leader like Yoshinobu must have been involved in pleading with Yuji Itadori to be executed.

Yoshinobu sees it as an insult. He says today’s kids can’t communicate respectfully. “I don’t mean it,” Gojo replied quickly. Gojo is annoyed at how “older and stronger” adults are these days.

Two mysterious particular curse curses had hit Gojo the day before. He is constantly faced with high afflictions. It is impressive, then, that curses can speak so well. At their highest level, Gojo believes there are other curses.

Last year’s episode with Suguru Geto and the resurrection of the Sukuna ship marked the change in waves.

“The wave of power that you guys have been ignoring to maintain your status and in the name of stupid traditions… Has gotten huge and is approaching.”

Gojo to Yoshinobu | Chapter #18

According to Gojo, the new generation is not limited to particular grade students. He says the principal will be in pain if he believes Gojo is the only one who can challenge his authority.

So you have it. Top people are upset with Gojo because they are no longer critical. They deliberately undermined Yuji Itadori’s training by forcing him to watch films.

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