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Why Does Everyone Want The Heart Within Denji?

More and more people seem determined to remove Denji’s heart from his chest as the Chainsaw Man narrative continues. But Why Does Everyone Want The Heart Within Denji?

Because Pochita (The Chainsaw Devil) has the power to cast out other demons, everyone wants Denji’s heart. The Chainsaw Devil has already erased many human tragedies, and Makima intends to use this ability to rewrite history with his image.

Kishibe can find Makima alone to face him in Chapter # 84. He wants to know why he is following Denji’s heart. After defeating and controlling the Chainsaw Demon by the power of his devil, Makima recounts the history of the Chainsaw Devil and its possible uses.

Plot Reason Why Does Everyone Want The Heart Within Denji

The Chainsaw Man has become a symbol of many demons, according to Makima. Some were offended by his “violent escape,” while others wanted to flee. Some even respected him.

And there’s another reason that he is the devil that devils fear most. The devils that Chainsaw Man eats… Their names are erased from existence. You can’t perceive it, that’s only natural. You see, names that have been eaten are apparently erased from the past, the present, and even individuals’ memories.

Makima to Kishibe | Chapter #84

Chainsaw Demon can erase the past of any devil he uses. World War II, nuclear weapons, and volcanic eruptions are all part of an imaginary world that we never forget. This is because of Chainsaw Man’s eating. Only Makima, who uses the power of Control Devil, can preserve these memories, which seem to fade with time.

Kishibe has trouble understanding this concept. He asks Makima’s plan to use such force.

I want to use Chainsaw Man to create a better world. Take, for example… Death. War. Hunger. There are many things in this world that humanity would be happier without. With Chainsaw Man’s power, I’ll blot them all out.

Makima to Kishibe | Chapter #84

Makima says that if he fails to beat Chainsaw Man in battle and cannot use his Control Devil to collect his skills, he is determined to be eaten by him. It can be considered honorable as the type of demon that worships at the altar of his kingship.

That is the solution. Everyone longs for Denji’s heart as it has the power to cast out any demon.

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