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Why Does Eren Beat Up Armin? AOT Finale Spoilers

Eren’s revolt climaxes, beating Armin and escaping from his prison cage. But Why Does Eren Beat Up Armin?

To force Armin to leave, Eren Beat Up Armin. He wanted Armin to follow him and be a hero in the eyes of the survivors. Establishing a thunderstorm with humanity instead of Paradise would earn Scout’s respect.

Later in the chapter, it is shown that Eren had very little free choice in his judgments. Defeating Armin was also part of a predetermined course of Founder power, which he witnessed during the awards ceremony.

Specific Plot Behind Why Does Eren Beat Up Armin

Eren has one last conversation with Armin about Paths in the last Attack in the Titan chapter. The two chatted about their friendship about the same Shiganshina stone wall where Armin delivered Eren a book to the outside world.

The chapter opens with Eren explaining how he thinks of Armin. He says he understands Eren’s motivation to work tirelessly to bring about the future he contemplated with Attack Titan skills. Still, he is angry because Eren beat him up and forced him out.

“I was so desperate to push you all away, even I found myself wondering what I was doing. I just let the moment takeover, really. Sorry.”

Eren to Armin | Chapter #139

Armin sees that Eren’s efforts were aimed at ousting him and Mikasa when he once again portrayed them as heroes who rescued humanity from destruction by following him on a trail. Armin reassures Eren that those who completed The Rumbling will be seen as heroes for the community’s survival. By rejecting Paradise and supporting the human family, they will be the most respected people.

Armin tactfully asks Eren if his strategy includes defending Paradise from angry people outside the gates. Foreigners can’t take revenge on their lives, Eren tells her, because The Rumbling killed 80% of the population.

Armin asked, “Did you really need to go that far?” “Was it all for our benefit?” Armin’s question is the first indication that Eren has withdrawn for reasons other than defending his friends.

Eren Reveals The Founder’s Influence

Eren acknowledges that the Founder’s intentions continue to influence his behavior while talking about Ymir and Mikasa.

Rumbling was Eren’s envisioned future at the time of the award presentation. This creates an uncontrollable urge to pursue that course and bend the earth until that future.

Eren’s justification for allowing the Author’s Power to direct his actions is insane.

“Armin, my head’s…gotten all messed up. The Founder’s Power has made it so that there’s no past or future, it all exists at once.”

Eren to Armin | Chapter #139

Eren’s failure to disregard the Founder’s influence compelled him to confess his sins in the end. She used her influence to persuade Dinah’s titan to ignore Bertholt and go to Eren’s mother. Bertholt’s “time to die” had not yet arrived, indicating that Eren’s fascination with the sequence of events predicted by the Founder of Power was taken seriously.

It is partially true that Eren Beat Up Armin to create a situation where he could separate himself from the team and avoid being chased. He also confirmed that what was going on at the awards ceremony followed the time set by the Founder.

Eren’s preparation and following the predetermined route he saw when the medal was presented is why he started The Rumbling. Eren is taken by the Founder’s skills and is used to control the timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Eren fight Armin?

Ymir and Titan science experiments by the Eldian Empire led to the Ackermans and the Ackermans. They were responsible for protecting the Eldian kings. Since Mikasa’s genes made her protective, Eren knew that her protection would never waver. She immediately stopped Armin when he attacked her.

Does Armin fight Eren?

In collaboration with his comrades, Armin fought against Eren using his Colossal Titan. Mikasa got inside Eren’s mouth after they fought successfully against each other. The person she loved the most was decapitated from inside of Eren’s Titan mouth by Laurel.

Why did Eren turn evil?

He became antagonistic after witnessing the deaths of his friends same as when he lost Carla. When the titans invaded Trost, some of his friends from the 104th Cadet Corps were killed.

What is Eren’s goal AOT?

It is Eren’s goal to eliminate all life except Paradis, but he also cares deeply about maintaining the lives of his friends and colleagues. In the end, it doesn’t matter how he eliminates his enemies if he fails to protect the people he wants to protect.

Who shot Armin?

In the end, the duo convinces their former friends Daz and Samuel to side with them again. However, things take a turn when Samuel shoots Armin, and the two Yeagerists get angry about their betrayal.

Why did Eren betray?

In Attack on Titan episode 78, why did Eren betray Zeke? It can be simply summarized that Eren betrayed Zeke by not supporting their plans to euthanize every Eldian on the planet until the end of time.

Who is more powerful Eren or Armin?

There is nothing Armin can do to compete with Eren’s power and the Founding Titan’s ability to control all other Titans, so Eren is easily able to defeat Armin.

Who kills Eren?

The climax scene of Paradise War sees Eren being beheaded through Mikasa Ackerman. Bankruptcy 138 is the setting. Eren, in the form of a titan, will be killed by Mikasa inside his mouth. During Mikasa’s attack, Eren’s head is separated from his backbone, which results in his death.

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