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Why Does Deku Wear A Yellow Scarf?

In the latest manga chapters, Deku is shown wearing a colorful scarf, which is an unusual addition to his hero costume. But Why Does Deku Wear A Yellow Scarf?

Because Gran Torino gave it to him, Deku decides to wear a yellow scarf. After deciding to leave the U.A. and on his way to the League of Villians, Deku visits the Gran Torino hospital room and gets a yellow scarf.

Before handing over the scarf, Gran Torino gave tips on dealing with Shigaraki and the League.

Deku is released from the Hospital by his Doctor

Deku has already started the process of being discharged from the hospital in Chapter # 309. Paranormal Liberation War has subsided, and thanks to Recovery Girl and advanced medical technology, many patients have been cured.

Deku is reminded by a doctor of an earlier warning that a severe injury could cause physical harm. Deku was able to strengthen his limbs inside and out so that they would not break.

Deku informed his mother and the Almighty that he would be leaving the U.A. Shigaraki had the power to follow him down, so there would never be a safe time at school. If Shigaraki reaches full potential, he will be able to deal with more damage than he already has. Deku believes it is his responsibility to drop out of school and finish Shigaraki and All For One before this happens.

All Might says he will not be able to stop Deku from leaving but will accompany him at least to guard him. Earlier, Mandla had promised Deku’s mother that he would train and protect her. The Deku must be ready to establish the Mark of Peace as All Might Power continues to decline.

Gran Torino gives Deku his yellow scarf

Deku visits Gran Torino’s room before leaving the hospital to see how he is doing. He is in a hospital bed, with his head bandaged. If not, Gran Torino seems to be in good shape.

Giving Deku his yellow scarf, Gran Torino adds, “I should have killed him, I’m sorry.” “Don’t focus too much on your ways. Another way to rescue someone is to kill them.”

Deku is reminded of this by Gran Torino. In any case, he should destroy the League of Villians.

Deku then wraps himself in a yellow scarf and wears it while performing heroic duties on his own.

So you have it. Because Gran Torino gave it to him, Deku decides to wear a yellow scarf. Gran Torino gives Deku his old yellow scarf to unravel after he chooses to leave the U.A. and seek Shigaraki alone.

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