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Why Does Deku Break His Bones?

Deku struggled to keep her body strong as she learned to control her new quirk, One For All. But Why Does Deku Break His Bones?

Because he can’t control One For All, Deku has to break his bones. Deku concentrates all his energy on one part of the body at a time, preparing to break it down if it means he can use a quirk. Deku had to learn his unusual controls and disperse them evenly and safely throughout his body.

He is now in a position where he can use One For All freely without hurting himself. Deku’s body is well versed in his habit, so it will take a lot of energy to self-injure.

Reason Why Does Deku Break His Bones?

The story begins in Chapter # 5, the night after Deku received his acceptance letter from the U.A. The entrance exam yesterday was a challenge. All might commands him to meet her on the beach, and the two talk about Deku’s fate. He was commended for his success and confirmed that no one in the school knew of his relationship with the Almighty.

All Might says that to nominate a successor, he accepted a teaching job at the U.A. Before Deku arrived, he had been searching for a long time. Deku doubts his ability to use One For All to the fullest as he looks down on his hands.

Deku remarked, “One of All.” “Even a single blow or kick breaks my body.” I don’t know how to use it. ”

All May stressed that it is common for One For All Power to be challenging to manage at first. Deku has reached a point where he has to learn to control his Power, producing only what is beyond his control. When Deku’s body is furious, he can hold his emotions.

So you have it. Deku has to break his bones as he still has no control over the Power of the All For One.

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