Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto? Opening Chapter Explains

Since the start of the Next Generation series, the relationship between Boruto and Naruto has been strained. Boruto is cruel to his father and actions, but Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto?

Boruto seemed to despise Naruto for not paying enough attention to him. Being Hokage is hard work, and Naruto is not at home or caring for his family the way Boruto would have liked.

As the series progresses, the bond between Boruto and Naruto develops. Boruto understands the commitment required to be a Hokage, while Naruto learns that family time should always be a priority.

Story Behind Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto?

Boruto: The first chapter of Naruto Next Generations successfully covers Boruto’s father’s disapproval. The following is an introductory account:

My story begins when I was a brat who sulked about his Dad not paying enough attention to him.

Boruto to Audience | Chapter #1

Boruto, speaking about a vision for his future, reveals that he was more jealous of Naruto’s dedication to his work than of his child. Boruto’s ninja power had changed, but Naruto never noticed.

He enters Hokage’s office and insists that Naruto attend a ceremony to celebrate Himawari’s birthday.

Today’s an important day for a Dad! You know why, right?! If you forget my little sister’s birthday… I’ll never forgive you! Got that?!

Boruto to Naruto | Chapter #1

At this moment, Boruto expresses his dissatisfaction with his father for ignoring the whole family. Boruto is upset that his sister and mother are getting less attention than he does.

As the chapter progresses, Sarada asks Boruto to join his three-man cell in the Chunin trials. He should not compromise his desire to be Hokage, he argues.

You’re welcome to your dreams, but… If you’re gonna be hokage, just stay single, okay?! Cuz you’ll inconvenience everyone around you.

Sarada to Boruto | Chapter #1

Boruto’s feelings are summed up in this statement. He wishes his father were not Hokage at all, nor had he ever committed himself to having a family in the first place if he hoped for such a position.

That is the solution. Boruto seemed to despise Naruto for not paying enough attention to him. Being Hokage takes a lot of time, and Naruto has difficulty integrating his personal and professional life.

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