Why Didn’t Sasuke Get A New Arm?

Sasuke is often portrayed with one arm in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. why didn’t sasuke get a new arm in his place after losing his arm in last battle against Naruto?

Sasuke has chosen not to get a new arm because he wants to experience the world of shinobi as it is now. In chapter # 699, he was pardoned for his crimes and left the community for “the journey of reconciliation.” Finding a new organ can be a sign of self-awareness and awareness of its unpleasant background.

Naruto discovered a new organ made up of cells from Lord Hasirama.

The Real Cause Why Didn’t Sasuke Get A New Arm

Sasuke was forgiven before the Fourth Ninja War in Chapter # 699 as a thank you for erasing Infinite Tsukuyomi. Forgiveness was made possible by a kind word from Naruto and Hokage Kakashi.

He decides to leave the community and go on her own.

You really insist on leaving? The artificial hand Lady Tsunade is crafting from Lord Hashirama’s cell will be ready soon.

Sakura to Sasuke | Chapter #699

Sakura said Sasuke goodbye for the last time, asking him to accompany her on her journey. He rejected her offer, saying that she should not bear the burden of her sins and live alone.

I want to know how the shinobi world… How this world looks to the current me. I feel like I’ll now be able to see the things I overlooked. Things that I can only perceive in my current state. And… There’s a matter that’s been weighing on me. It’s a journey of atonement too. And you have nothing to do with my crimes.

Sasuke to Sakura | Chapter #699

In all the Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, Sasuke would never get his arm back. Although the show is going on and Sasuke is growing converted, he never asks for a new prosthetic organ. He may believe that his reconciliation is not yet complete.

That is the solution. Sasuke did not receive a new arm because she did not want to be permanently reminded of her horrible history. Replacing the lost limb, symbolizing the accumulation of all his evil deeds, would make him feel deceived in his course of reconciliation.

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