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Why Did Todoroki Lose to Bakugo? Final Match

Bakugo defeated Todoroki at the Sports Festival, although they are both great fighters in Class 1-A. Why Did Todoroki Lose to Bakugo?

Because Todoroki was not yet ready to use his left side, he had to be defeated by Bakugo. He needed time to consider the war with Deku, and he needed time to meditate before using his left side daily.

Instead of defending himself, he allowed Bakugo to win the war by extinguishing his fires.

Todoroki loses against Bakugo

In the 43rd chapter, Bakugo and Todoroki compete for the final belt of the Sports Festival.

The audience notes that, unlike Deku, Todoroki’s heart does not seem to be at war. He creates a protective snow barrier to keep Bakugo far away and avoid having to meet him near.

As the struggle continues, Bakugo grows frustrated. He even gets out of his way to be grabbed by Todoroki’s left hand on purpose to see if he will use it. Bakugo became even angrier when Todoroki refused to use his fireside.

“I’m sorry, Bakugo. Since I fought Midoriya, I just don’t know what I should do. Whether or not what I’m doing is right. I’m not sure about anything anymore.”

Todoroki to himself | Chapter #43

The audience inspired Todokori’s quirk of fire. She remembers her parents’ faces and sniffs her fire before setting it to protect herself from Bakugo’s explosion. Bakugo won the final round.

Todoroki talks to All Might

All Might awards prizes to three winners of the Sports Festival 1-1 in Chapter # 44. Todoroki, he says, caught himself last season by not using his left side.

As a result of his conflict with the Medes, Todoroki claims that he did not use his full potential. Todoroki said, “I think I lost my way.” “I’ve always wanted to be a hero like you, but it’s not like I can just forget my mistakes and move on.”

He says it’s not enough and that he still has to solve something important first. Because of Endeavor, Todoroki’s mother is in the hospital, and he despises his father for separating his family.

So you have it. Because Todorki was still thinking about his duel with Deku, he had to lose against Bakugo. Dissatisfied with his parents, he did not want to use his left side against Todoroki.

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