Why Did Sasuke Protect Naruto From Haku?

After rescuing Naruto from a deadly chain of needles, he manages to unlock a second tomoe in his Sharingan, but Why Did Sasuke Protect Naruto From Haku?

Because of their growing intimacy, Sasuke vowed to protect Naruto from Haku. When asked why he was watching Naruto, Sasuke vividly remembered all the time he spent with him and said his body had made itself.

As they spent time using their chakras and moving with simple machines, the two approached each other.

Plot Behind Why Sasuke Decided to Protect Naruto

Naruto and Sasuke are trapped inside Haku’s Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals in Chapter # 27. Both boys are covered with needles and are about to faint as Haku shifts from mirror to mirror to confuse them further.

Haku praises Sasuke’s quick wit as lightning and his fighting ability beyond physical limitations. Sasuke pushes Naruto on the road and saves them with another needle attack. Sasuke opens the second tomoe in his Sharingan as he looks up.

Haku was shocked, saying that his snow crystal art uses a lot of chakras and that he can only use it for a long time.

Thanks to Sasuke’s improved Sharingan, if the war continues for too long, Haku will be in danger. It enables him to interpret and analyze actions more accurately.

Haku attacks Naruto in a desperate attempt to save his life. He did this to use Naruto as a charm and to divert Sasuke’s attention from him. Sasuke jumps in front of Naruto, ending the needle shower.

Naruto Asks Sasuke

Naruto wakes up and sees Sasuke bleeding over him. He asks why Sasuke will hide him, but Sasuke replies, “You ask why?” as photos of their history fill the screen. Sasuke gets a brief overview of all the times they spent together, which started with hatred and gradually turned into a healthy competition as their time together longer.

“How I should know,” he adds, “my body just kept moving. That is Sasuke’s way of undermining his new sense of security for Naruto, while earlier memories of their time together reveal his true motive for saving Naruto’s life.

So you have it. Because of their budding friendship, Sasuke vowed to protect Naruto from Haku. He insists that his body made itself, but the memories show that he wanted to do something to watch Naruto.

Frequently Asked Questions

What episode does Sasuke protect Naruto from Haku?

Sasuke saves Naruto from Haku in Episode 12 of the original Naruto series.

Does Sasuke save Naruto?

He is vanquished and surrenders to Naruto, with whom he has determined to mend their relationship. Sasuke leaves the village on a global adventure after being defeated but pardoned by the town head and reunited with Naruto.

How did Naruto and Sasuke beat Haku?

Because of his capabilities, particularly his sharingan powers, Sasuke was able to keep up to some extent. So, in a nutshell, Naruto was able to capture Haku thanks to the Nine Tails Fox chakra’s increased potency.

How did Sasuke survive the fight with Haku?

Haku could have easily killed Sasuke during his battle with Naruto and Sasuke, but he didn’t strike his vitals, which left Sasuke alive. Haku was able to hold his own against Naruto’s Nine-Tails might as well, but he died at Kakashi’s hands long after.

What episode does Naruto defeat Haku?

The Naruto: Shippden anime episode 265 is titled “An Old Nemesis Returns” (宿敵との再会, Shukuteki to no Saikai).

What episode does Sasuke sacrifice himself for Naruto?

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime episode “Sacrifice” (生贄, Ikenie) is the 216th episode.

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