Why Did Sakura Confess To Naruto? Plot Explanation

When Sakura confesses her love for Naruto, it is one of Naruto’s most confusing moments. But why did Sakura confess to Naruto in the first place, and what were her real motives?

Sakura chose to confess to Naruto to abandon her search for Sasuke. Naruto told Sasuke that he would bring her back no matter what happened. Sakura urged Naruto to break his commitment as Sasuke has become a serious criminal. Naruto would have thought he was over Sasuke if he “confessed” his love.

Naruto dismissed Sakura’s ways and said he had reasons for bringing Sasuke home this time.

Plot Behind Why Did Sakura Confess To Naruto

Sakura follows down to Naruto in Chapter # 469 to tell him she loves him. Sakura unexpectedly revealed her feelings as Naruto hunted down Sasuke after his attack at the Five Kage Summit.

Naruto thwarts Sakura’s efforts, calling her a joke. He remembers all the times when Sakura showed her love and concern for Sasuke than him. Sakura quickly reveals the real reason for interrupting her search after an argument back and forth.

Sakura says that Naruto always talks about “Sasuke this and Sasuke this one,” chasing him down regardless of the possible dangers. He emphasizes that he is the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, pursued by the Akatsuki and that he has to start worrying about his skin changing.

You see, I’m trying to tell you that you don’t have to chase after Sasuke to the point of putting yourself in danger! I came here to find you because I want you to return to the village right away! That’s all!

Sakura to Naruto | Chapter #469

Sakura says she no longer cares about Sasuke as he is a criminal. Naruto is no longer bound by the vow he made to Sasuke as a child that he would bring him back to the village no matter what.

Naruto says that now that he knows why Itachi is destroying his clan, he better understands why Sasuke is so focused on revenge. Sasuke finds it difficult to forgive because of his deep love for his relatives.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter even if there’s no promise between us anymore. Cuz I want to rescue Sasuke for my own sake.

Naruto to Sakura | Chapter #469

That is the solution. Sakura plans to confess to Naruto to stop looking for Sasuke.

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