Why Did Rock Lee Lose to Gaara?

One of the most memorable battles in the Naruto series is Rock Lee vs. Gaara. But Why Did Rock Lee Lose to Gaara?

Because his high-speed taijutsu placed a heavy load on his body, Lee had to lose against Gaara. Gaara used her sandbox method to break Lee’s leg due to frustration when the healing time slowed her down.

Lee was able to summon enough energy to use the Reverse Lotus method after opening his inner gates. If Gaara had not used her sandbox to defend herself at the last moment, Lee would have won the war.

Chapter Specifics Behind How Rock Lee Had to Lose to Gaara

A crowd of chunin hopefuls watches Gaara Vs. Lee panics in Chapter # 84. Lee managed to hit Gaara, injuring the sand ninja for the first time. Gaara’s inner beast awoke due to this new act, and the force took over, climbing the violent sand towards Lee.

Lee’s movement is slower than it was at the beginning of the war. Gaara’s sand strikes are cruel, and she can’t escape them. Sakura wonders why Lee doesn’t keep running away from strikes, but Guy, her mentor, explains why.

Guy said, “The lotus method we have just used is a two-edged sword.” Kakashi then joins the conversation, explaining the complexity of the strategy and the obstacles.

“Fundamentally, it’s a forbidden move. Using that level of high-speed taijutsu puts a huge strain on the body. Right now, Lee’s nothing but a mass of pain and weakness… Isn’t that right, Guy?”

Kakashi to Guy | Chapter #84

Guy then remembers his one-on-one training sessions with Lee. Lee has been ostracized since childhood as he has never been able to use Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. Even his teammates, Neji and Tenten, took some time to know him.

In the past, sensei praised Lee, calling him “the mind of hard work.” If Lee quit immediately, his intention to prove he could be a great ninja without Genjutsu or Ninjutsu would be thwarted.

Lee prepares to use the Reverse Lotus method in the next two chapters. The way that requires Lee to release his inner gates, also known as limiters, to perform this function. Lee can open the fifth of the eight possible gates despite his youth.

The young man who teaches Lee this process meets Kakashi’s contempt. Because the power given briefly exceeds Hokage’s, it can end a boy’s life. The third gate, which requires the use of the lotus method, was then successfully opened by Lee.

Gaara is introduced into the air and blown with great force. Gaara managed to free herself from death at the last minute using a sand bowl. Due to despair and anger, Gaara used the Crushing of Coffin Sand method on Lee.

Lee’s leg is caught in the way of the box, which he breaks quickly. Guy sensei intervenes and stops the argument before the sand kills Lee.

So you have it. Because the sand ninja used a method that injured Lee’s leg, Lee had to be defeated Gaara. After carrying a load on his body with a high-speed taijutsu strategy, Lee was reluctant to avoid a strike.

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