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Why Did Nezuko Sleep For 2 Years?

Nezuko, Tanjiro’s younger sister, slept for years while completing her Demon Slayer Corps training. But Why Did Nezuko Sleep For 2 Years?

Nezuko was forced to sleep for two years to regain her strength. While Tanjiro was on his way to prepare for the Final Selection, he recovered from the ordeal of being a demon.

As the floor progresses, his sleep pattern will become more regular. After a hard fight or two, Nezuko falls asleep to regain strength.

Urokodaki Answers Why Did Nezuko Sleep For 2 Years

While Tanjiro was studying for the Final Selection Exam, Nezuko fell asleep. Daily routines from sunrise to sunset were part of the training, and she prepared a book for Nezuko to read whenever she woke up from her relentless sleep.

I’ve been writing for six months, Nezuko, and you still haven’t woken up. Urokodaki immediately called a doctor to look at you, but he found nothing wrong. Yet it’s clearly strange for you to continue sleeping like this. I was scared. I thought I’d wake up in the morning to find you dead, and that’s still how I feel every night.

Tanjiro to Nezuko | Chapter #4

Nezuko slept until Tanjiro finished his training and returned to the Final Selection alive for the next two years. Shortly after that, the two received their first official assignment.

Rokodaki discusses his idea of ​​why Nezuko slept so often and for so long while unveiling a new carrying box for her.

This is mere speculation, but instead of eating the flesh of humans, Nezuko may sleep to replenish her strength.

Urokodaki to Tanjiro | Chapter #10

Urokodaki’s vision seemed correct. After a while, Nezuko falls asleep and must remain unconscious until she can continue fighting. It would make sense for Nezuko to use a period of stability after the murder of Tanjiro’s family, and the training began to recur after the traumatic experience of being a demon.

So you have it. After becoming a demon, Nezuko needed to sleep for two years to regain his strength. He then fell asleep when he needed more energy as needed.

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