Why Did Naruto Pass Out In The Snow?

Naruto’s love for defending Sasuke is shown in this mythical image, but Why Did Naruto Pass Out In The Snow?

Naruto had to faint because he knew that Sasuke could not be saved. How do you think others have sacrificed Sasuke? He remembers Gaara’s words that killing Sasuke could be a great way to “free” her.

As the walls close in hopes of rescuing Sasuke, he finds a full-blown, hot horror episode. The attacks on the Five Kage Summit and the appointment of Sasuke as a global threat are becoming increasingly difficult to defend.

Thoughts make Naruto Pass Out In The Snow

Naruto learns more about Sasuke’s whereabouts while standing with Kakashi and Sai in Chapter # 476.

Naruto remembers a few Cloud Ninja blaming him for something. They say Sasuke Uchiha from Konoha hit their village and fought with their pastor Killer Bee. Sasuke was officially working with Akatsuki, according to the ninja.

He also recalls Obito’s statements, in which he showed that Itachi’s whole life was about sacrifice. The cost of Konoha’s peace was the separation of Sasuke, and Sasuke was offended by the stability gained by Itachi’s sacrifice. Sasuke’s shinobi-style of “hate” continues to hurt Naruto.

Sai had already informed Naruto that Sasuke’s former classmates wanted to dump him. Naruto remembers that Sakura, one of Sasuke’s most devoted followers, was preparing to leave.

Finally, Naruto remembers the last piece of advice that drove him crazy. If Naruto is “really [determined] to take the robe of dignity, he [should] do what should be done as a friend of Sasuke,” advises Gaara. Gaara points out that if Naruto truly cares for Sasuke, he may remove her.

Naruto then knelt and put his hand on his chest. People around him shouted at Naruto to calm down as he crashed into the snow, breathing heavily.

So you have it. Naruto had to faint on the ice after realizing that rescuing Sasuke was impossible. He recalls that some were already plotting against Sasuke, and Gaara informed Naruto that killing Sasuke could be the most effective way to save him.

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