Why Did Naruto Cheat In The Chunin Exams?

Chunin’s trials were equally divided between combat and formal testing. Naruto had a very difficult time with the written part of the test, so Why Did Naruto Cheat In The Chunin Exams?

Chunin’s experiments forced Naruto to cheat as the questions were designed to be difficult. The exam supervisor hoped that the students would realize that the questions were beyond their level and start cheating.

The written part of the Chunin Exams was a test within the test. Even in the most stressful situations, Chunin must learn to be wise and quick. Viewers who stood at the end of each line of students began to see deceptive people and punish them if they were found.

Plot Behind Why Naruto Had to Cheat In The Chunin Exams

Students preparing for Chunin exams sit down for the first part of chapter # 41. Marks are required to pass a written test in the first phase of the test. Proctor explained to the students that spectators would sit at the end of each line, mark cheating and eventually fail the student after several errors.

Each student starts with ten flawless points. Any incorrect answers will exclude one point from your overall result, and anyone found trying to cheat or assisting someone else in cheating will be penalized by two points. Anyone with no remaining points, whether due to a cheat reduction or answering all questions incorrectly, will force their colleagues to fail.

Sakura and Sasuke Realize The Point of The Test

Sakura takes the test and soon realizes the difficulty of the questions. The first question requires arithmetic statistics beyond the power of a ninja with a Genin level of just reading.

This… This is… To solve this, you need to hypothesize under very certain conditions and then apply the laws of kinetics to whatever you come up with! There’s no way Naruto could solve something like this. Of course, neither can most of the people here. It’s a killer.

Sakura Discussing The Test | Chapter #41

Naruto is scared. He realizes that if he fails to answer one question correctly, his entire team will fail. Cheating is the end of the road, but he did not realize that cheating is the purpose of difficult questions.

Sasuke sees this. You understand that Shinobi is required to obtain sensitive information under difficult circumstances, and this test represents what is expected.

Look at how they set up the “perfect score, minus penalties” scenario! With two points deducted every time you get caught cheating, the real message is that you can be caught 4 times before you face disqualification! What we’re being tested on is not whether we know the answers, but how skillfully we can discover them!

Sasuke Discussing The Test | Chapter #41

So you have it. Chunin’s experiments forced Naruto to cheat as the questions were designed to be difficult. The main goal of the test was to cheat successfully. Naruto had to cheat to pass the test.

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