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Why Did Levi Choose Armin Over Erwin?

Fans argue that Levi’s choice to save Armin’s life over Erwin was the right one. But Why Did Levi Choose Armin Over Erwin?

Levi chose Armin over Erwin because he wanted Erwin to be free from worldly oppression. He didn’t think the Scouts had the authority to bring Erwin back to earth after he had a chance to rest.

He tells Armin that Mikasa and Eren betrayed him and chose to bring the titan serum to Erwin in his place. Levi’s decision to rescue Armin was ultimately his own, and he was never influenced by anyone else.

Details of the Building After Levi’s Decision to Choose Armin in place of Erwin

Levi is ready to use a titan serum bottle to save Armin’s life in Chapter # 84. The drug could turn Armin into a pure titan, allowing him to consume Bertholdt, an inmate user of the Colossal Titan. Any pure titan that swallows a Nine Titans user will return to its natural human nature. There is also the added benefit of using the titan’s ability of an employed person.

Floch, a Scouts member who took part in the attack on King Titan, appears before Levi injects Armin, with Commander Erwin tied behind his back. Erwin is seriously injured but is holding on to life. Although Armin was first selected, Levi chooses to rescue Erwin over Armin.

Levi, Micah, and Eren are arguing. After Eren and Mikasa attacked Levi to get a syringe, Hange and Floch were forced to grab them. When it comes to choosing, they both become frustrated and accept that they are superior.

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Levi Makes a Decision

Levi warns Scouts that he is about to give Erwin an injection and that they must back off, or Erwin’s innocent titan will devour them. Bertholdt was eaten by a giant with blonde hair later. After remembering Levi pushing Erwin to face his army of defeat, Levi changed his mind and chose Armin. It shows the memory of hearing Eren and Armin talking about water.

Levi tells Floch and Hange why he chose Armin to replace the Commander in Erwin’s last hours.

Please… forgive him. He had no choice but to become a demon. And we were the ones that wished that upon him. And just when he was finally freed from this hell of a world, we tried to drag him right back into it. We intended to do the same as you, but that’s enough. We must let him rest now.

Levi to Hange and Floch | Chapter #84

Armin finds out about Levi’s Decision

Armin wakes up after his titan power transfer in Chapter # 85. The nine Scouts left after the Shiganshina war announced that the war was over for four hours and that the hunt for survivors was fruitless.

The wall of the Shiganshina district is well sealed. Reiner, Beast Titan, and another opponent are said to have fled. Armin then recalled Bertholdt’s abduction and the accompanying debate over who should have the only bottle of titanium serum.

Armin then asked the Scouts why he had been appointed to replace Commander Erwin, who seemed clever and transparent.

“I thought I told you to tell her everything,” Levi kicked Eren. He then told Armin about the rebellion of Mikasa and Eren, which led to his injury. Levi’s choice contributed to this, but not entirely.

Then again, the one who made the final decision to choose you, was me. In fact, my personal feelings led me to choose this place as Erwin’s final resting ground.

Levi discussing his choice | Chapter #85

So you have it. Levi had no choice but to choose Armin over Erwin as he did not believe the Scouts had the power to resurrect Erwin after he finally escaped the fears they had created.

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