Why Did Itachi Uchiha Kill His Clan?

At Danzo’s command, Itachi Uchiha Kill His Clan. He informed Itachi of the upcoming Uchiha coup, culminating in a civil war between Leaf Village and Uchiha. Danzo recommended that Itachi sacrifice his nation to protect the community while blaming Itachi for the destruction of Uchiha.

The Uchiha family indeed intended to tear down the families of the village’s founders. Danzo used the situation to persuade Itachi to kill his tribe so that Sasuke could be expelled. Itachi accepted the agreement to end his family early as long as Sasuke was not rescued, knowing that he would kill the Uchiha family if they went to the civil war.

Why didn’t Itachi kill Sasuke?

Itachi did not kill Sasuke because he cared so much for her. Sasuke was spared the planned Uchiha massacre as long as Itachi appeared to be the only one involved in the plot. Itachi’s agreement with Sasuke to let him live required him to present himself as a lawless ninja with no orders.

Who gave Itachi the order to kill Uchiha?

Danzo gave Itachi the job of killing the Uchiha family. Danzo first informed Itachi that his nation intended to overthrow local authorities and be suspended. Danzo was more interested in gaining Sharingan power than defending Konoha, which was later discovered.

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When did Itachi kill his family, and at what age?

When Itachi killed his relative, he was 13 years old. He was a member of the Anbu Black Ops at the age of 11 and Chunin at 10.

What If Itachi Did Not Kill His Family?

Uchiha wanted to tear down the founding families if Itachi had not killed his nation. The Uchiha were limited to the village police, which was a small task compared with other surnames. Danzo exploited Itachi as a pawn to gather shares, but it was just beginning to revolt.

Who was to blame for Itachi’s daughter’s death?

Itachi was the one who killed his girlfriend. He was one of the first victims of the Uchiha massacre. Itachi applied his Tsukuyomi to him, repeating their friendship to his death.

Itachi killed his relative because he thought they were plotting to overthrow the community. Danzo agreed with Itachi that allowed Sasuke to be saved as long as Itachi pretended to be corrupt to test his authority.

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