Why Did Itachi Run From Jiraiya?

When Itachi and Kisame confronted Jiraiya, both were sent to pack. But Why Did Itachi Run From Jiraiya?

Thanks to the strategy of the Toad Mouth Trap ninja, Itachi had to flee Jiraiya. Jiraiya’s Jutsu created a frog that lives on a rock in Mount Myoboku, sucks Itachi in its stomach, grabs it, and locks it up.

Itachi used the eternal flames to burn a hole in the Toad intestine and escape to see Amaterasu at work for the first time.

Chapter Behind Why Itachi Ran From Jiraiya

Jiraiya used the ninja skill of the Toad Mouth Trap to tie Itachi and Kisame in Chapter # 148. Jiraiya wanted to reduce them and keep them locked in the frog’s stomach once he proved he would not be knocked down in a direct battle.

I’ve just performed the ninja art of Gamaguchi Shibari! Toad Mouth Trap! You’ve just been swallowed by the rock-dwelling giant toad of Mount Myoboku, welcome my friends, to the belly of the beast.

Jiraiya describing the technique | Chapter #148

The large intestine swallowed Kisame and Itachi, which pulled its legs and arms and attached them to the walls. Kisame pulls his razor, Samehada, into rotten flesh and then out of his stomach with Itachi.

Jiraya advised Naruto not to move, stressing that no one had ever been able to get out of the Toad Mouth Trap.

Itachi uses his Amaterasu to burn a hole in the flesh part due to despair. Amaterasu is a Sharingan method that produces an endless ring of black flames around its victim, burning it until it is destroyed.

“They’re powerful enough to burst through this wall.”

Jiraiya after witnessing the Amaterasu | Chapter #148

After the two fled safely, Kisame asks Itachi why they need to get out using the Sharingan force.

There’s no need to be impatient… none. Besides which, I must also… rest my body in one place for the foreseeable future. For not only Tsukuyomi, the nightmare realm… but I was forced to use the Amaterasu as well.

Itachi talking to Kisame | Chapter #148

Jiraiya intervenes to prevent Naruto from touching the flames of Amaterasu, wondering what this new skill could be.

“How did they get out? And what are these black flames? The Rock Toad normally spews fire himself, so for his naturally flameproof innards to get charred…”

Jiraiya talking about Amaterasu | Chapter #148

So you have it. What prompted Itachi to flee Jiraiya? Itachi needed to use his Amaterasu to escape the Toad Mouth Trap before he could catch him.

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