Why Did Itachi And Kisame Go to The Leaf Village?

The legendary Itachi Uchiha finally appeared in Leaf Village after years of rumors and curiosity. Kisame, an exiled shinobi from the Fog Land, accompanied him. But Why Did Itachi And Kisame Go to The Leaf Village?

Itachi and Kisame chose to kidnap Naruto in the Leaf Village area. Akatsuki wants to take over the Nine-Tailed Fox of Naruto, which has a high level of major chakra in the world famous shinobi.

The Akatsuki are divided into factions, each seeking a new and stronger jutsu to master and use weapons.

Chapter Behind How Itachi and Kisame Go to the Leaf Village

Jiraiya returns to Leaf Village in Chapter # 142 to meet with Kakashi to discuss Naruto’s fate. Jiraiya praised the Third Hokage for entrusting Naruto to the care of Kakashi, but even someone with the extraordinary ability of Kakashi may not be enough to prepare Naruto for the next Akatsuki battle.

Since the day Orochimaru fled Konoha, Jiraiya has been watching him. At first he remained inactive, but later joined the controversial Akatsuki.

I don’t really have a lot of details, but it seems to be a small syndicate of nine shinobi that calls itself the Akatsuki. At first they stuck to small-scale cloak and dagger stuff. Nothing dramatic. But you knew something big was coming, considering who they are. Almost all of them are listed in the bingo book as S-class criminals.

Jiraiya to Kakashi | Chapter #142

Jiraiya went on to discuss that the organization had just begun to disband. While others gathered and dispersed in an attempt to find a new jutsu to learn, Orochimaru went off on his own.

Kakashi wonders and asks Toad Sage if Akatsuki’s shopping list includes Nine Tails.

It’s a distinct possibility. It makes sense, The Nine-Tailed Fox does have one of the highest levels of chakra…

Jiraiya discussing the Nine Tails | Chapter #142

So you have it. Itachi and Kisame decided to go to Leaf Village to catch Naruto. The Nine-Tailed Fox inside has the highest chakra in the world, making it an excellent source of energy for Akatsuki. Jiraiya eventually chased them away.

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