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Why Did Eren Transform When He Touched The Spoon?

Eren’s titan skills were greatly improved, yet he could not change when he needed it most. Things were so bad that he turned into a giant and picked up a spoon on the floor. But Why Did Eren Transform When He Touched The Spoon?

Because Eren had a specific goal in mind, he could make a morphe when he touched a spoon. He can only be a titan if he has a specific purpose and intent.

Eren can morph through minor problems and resistance as the story progresses.

Plot Behind How Eren Could Transform When He Touched The Spoon

After trying to pick up a spoon in Chapter # 26, Eren’s arm turns into a titan. Out of fear, the Levite delegation, tasked with watching Eren on the orders of Prime Minister Zackary, pulls out his swords.

The gang asks Eren to show that he is on their side somehow. There are a lot of emotions running in the room, but the tension is interrupted by a happy Hange who rushes to check Eren’s titan arm. Eren can break free from metamorphosis.

After that, you sit down to listen to Captain Levi. Eren expresses gratitude to Levi for allowing him to survive, saying he understands why the group still warns him. The captain added that the army was only selected for its titan-fighting talents, so they were wary of Eren’s change.

Hange Explains Her Idea to Eren

Eren is handed the spoon he was carrying as his arm turns into a titan by a gang. Hange claims to have held a spoon between his thumb and forefinger, and it is hard to imagine that the spoon was caught there by chance. Despite Eren’s heat and the pressure of the titan grip, the spoon maintained its shape.

Eren agreed to bend down to pick it up before he was turned into a giant right there. Hange meditates for a moment, concluding that Eren’s inability to move quickly could be due to a spoon. Eren ‘motive was specific in situations where he needed to “kill some celebrities,” “protect fire from cannons,” and “raise a rock.

“Perhaps self-injury is not the cause of it,” Hange guessed. “It probably won’t work until you have some kind of purpose.”

Eren obeys Hange’s suggestion, remembering Eren transformation to protect himself from cannon fire. However, he is surprised that he has so little control over his change that it happened while he was doing something as simple as picking up a spoon.

Hange looks at the following:

I can’t think how this could be a natural phenomenon. It looks to me more like there’s some kind of purpose at work, a tool-like quality. But if that’s the case, then what about the titans who exist only to eat humans? Who benefits from them?

Hange to Herself | Chapter #26

So you have it. Because Eren had a specific goal in mind, he could make a morphe when he touched a spoon. Conversion is a process that has a specific purpose in mind.

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