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Why Did Eren Escape His Cell? Chapter Recap

Eren escapes from his cell and is firmly committed to leaving the Survey Corps at the top of Chapter # 110. But Why Did Eren Escape His Cell?

Eren chose to get out of prison to meet Zeke. Eren’s friends helped him escape and retain the powers of the Founder while the soldiers plotted to find the most beloved man to win his Inventory, Titan.

He escaped by punching a hole in his cell with his Warhammer Titan. Eren then hid his tracks behind him so he could not be tracked and caught by the Yeagerists far away.

Eren Escape His Cell in Chapter # 110

Top officials from the Survey Corps, Military Police, and the Garrison Regiment were named after the assassination of General Zackley.

Survey Corps commander Hange Zo said a bomb had been placed on Zackley’s customary chair. Four more soldiers were killed than the general. Before Armin can recall important details about the chair, he swears that Anti-Marley volunteer Onyankopon has been with him all day.

According to Armin, Zackley asked “new staff” to help him remove the chair. Before Mikasa and Armin approached the General’s room, they saw several suspicious young men leaving headquarters. He sees them as employees of the Survey Corps.

The temperature drops in the room. The Commander of the Military Police Regiment, Nile Dawk, admits he heard on the floor that those punished for leaking Eren’s details were members of the Survey Corps. A messenger enters the room, shouting that Eren Yeager has escaped from his dungeon.

Eren Yeager escaped from the underground prison! He used the power of the titans to create a hole in the prison wall to escape! He also covered the hole so that we could not track him! Get all the soldiers to search for him!

Military Messenger to Room | Chapter #110

Armin and Mikasa were both shocked by the news. Both of them are silent, knowing that Eren may have pushed himself away with this deceptive act so that he will not be able to return peacefully.

Eren becomes a member of the Yeagerists

Eren joins the Yeagerists after an unknown distance from the prison. The Yeagerists, a group of Eren fans, explained to Eren their plans behind the scenes to improve Eren’s situation.

Floch, a former member of the Survey Corps who is now Eren’s zealous spokesman, greets the group.

We have more members, including the ones that aren’t here. The prison guard that rescued us from prison, and the prison guard that allowed us to meet here right now. They are inside the military right now, hiding.

Floch to Eren | Chapter #110

Darius Zackley was killed, according to Floch, because the soldiers needed someone they could trust to inherit the Founding Titan.

At the end of this situation, Eren’s one request to the Yeagerists is to get Zeke. Eren will be able to use the power of the Founder as he sees fit after Eren and Zeke have received physical contact.

That is the short version of the solution. Eren chose to escape from his cell to contact his brother, Zeke. Because soldiers surrounded Eren and planned to give him food they trusted, the Yeagerist helped him escape from his cell.

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