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Why Did Eren Agree to Zeke Plan? Plot Explanation

Although Zeke’s plan to apologize to the Elders for their problems seemed difficult, Eren was surprised and agreed. But Why Did Eren Agree to Zeke Plan?

Eren agreed with Zeke because he craved the Author’s authority. He went with it until they both physically came in contact and were chased away from the “link” area. Eren admits that he would never have thought of silencing the Elders and was playing for power.

Although Eren’s plans did not go as planned, he persuaded Ymir to join him. He gave everyone access to all his skills, including Rumbling.

Why Eren Agrees to Zeke’s Plan (Chapter Summary)

Zeke and Eren were able to enter the “intersection where all the intersections” when Zeke contacted Eren. When members of the royal family inherit the Founder’s skills and use them, they go to a foreign land.

Zeke says that time is slowing down in the network of connections than in the real world. In the short time it took Eren to recover and “wake up” inside the area, he noticed that years seemed to have passed.

Despite Gabi’s blatant shooting death of Eren, Zeke managed to grab his brother’s head early to start the move to the integrated area before Eren’s life completely disappeared.

Ymir reveals himself at this time. Zeke says his mere presence is proof enough of who he is. Now it is Eren’s turn to order Ymir to carry out their circumcision program.

You want me to euthanize every Eldian? There is no way I could ever go along with a plan that messed up. Sorry, brother. I was just playing along so I could get here.

Eren to Zeke | Chapter #120

Eren admits why he agreed with Zeke’s plan: to gain access to Ymir. He wanted to work with his brother to get to the point of connection, allowing the Founder’s skills to grow. Eren lied to his brother to get him to use his power in the right way.

Zeke begs Eren to understand that as long as the Elders are still alive, the “hell” of being forced to change into titans will never end.

Zeke Reveals He Assumed That Eren Could Lie

If you don’t do this now, the bloodshed will never end. What we’ve repeated so many times will continue for eternity.

Zeke to Eren | Chapter #120

Eren rejects his brother’s request. He says that since he was “born in this world,” he has the right to protect his people and to use his Creator in his way. On the other hand, Ymir rejects Eren’s request for his power, and Zeke reveals that the reunion was a conspiracy.

Zeke found out that his royal blood allowed him to use Ymir’s power to build whatever he wanted during the “years” that took Eren to awaken inside the area. Get up in front of Eren, break the seemingly endless chains and tie him to the ground.

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Zeke added that he found out how he could remove the “promise of a ceasefire” that had previously prevented those who used royal blood from entirely using the Founder’s skills. He was able to do this because, unlike the previous kings of the walls, Zeke came to Ymir free to see the land of the first king.

Ymir believes that anyone with royal blood is his master and wholeheartedly submits to them. Zeke embraced this power and told Eren that he was not just the key to his heart. Eren was influenced to think that this was the other way around.

Zeke revealed that he refused to tell Eren because he wanted to see if his father had “washed his mind.” He refuses to use the Founder’s power until he persuades Eren to join him. He then used the power of the Roads to accompany Eren to his father’s past, aiming to convince Eren to join his side along the way.

So that’s a quick answer. Eren agreed to Zeke’s plan to gain access to the Founder. He intended to control the situation there.

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