Why Did Boruto Fail The Chunin Exam?

Boruto was embarrassed during Chunin’s final round of tests for the first time. But Why Did Boruto Fail The Chunin Exam?

Because he used a scientific ninja tool, Boruto had to pass Chunin’s tests. Naruto banned the use of scientific ninja equipment during testing, believing it did not achieve the goal of developing a new shinobi.

After rescuing Naruto from Momoshiki, he was pardoned for cheating on trial.

Reason Why Did Boruto Fail The Chunin Exam

Sasuke has promised to continue with Boruto as a student as long as he builds Rasengan in Chapter # 2.

He managed to build a small, unpopular Rasengan. Boruto left home tragically, depressed and looking for any opportunity to impress his father and master. Boruto approaches Katasuke Tno, an expert researcher of ninja science machines.

Boruto is exhibited by a research laboratory for research equipment for ninja science machines. Boruto’s ninja generation should follow in his footsteps. He says, “using a little effort to get the biggest results.”

Boruto finds a ninja tool wallet gadget and takes it home. Boruto then used ninja tool skills to “master” of Rasengan in just one day, prompting Sasuke to accept Boruto as his student.

Chunin’s tests are imminent, and Boruto and his team can be blown away in the first few rounds. During the “pennant capture” game, Boruto uses his ninja gadget, raising viewers’ suspicions.

One man’s fight followed. Boruto’s easy victory against Shikamaru’s son, Shikadai, soon turns into a nightmare as Naruto sees the use of a ninja weapon. Naruto entered the arena and pulled Boruto’s arm to show off the ninja tool.

I banned the use of scientific ninja tools in this exam. Because using these instead of your own chakra defeats the chunin exam’s purpose of nurturing new shinobi.

Naruto to Boruto | Chapter #5

Boruto was then withdrawn, as Naruto signed for proctor Lee. He then announced the winner Shikadai, and Naruto stripped his son of his Genin belt and considered him unfit to be a ninja.

So you have it. Boruto was forced to take the Chunin Exam after using a sophisticated ninja gadget to cheat.

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