Why Can’t Rock Lee Use Ninjutsu?

Rock Lee is a terrible ninja, so Why Can’t Rock Lee Use Ninjutsu? He has proven himself to be the best taijutsu doctor in the world, but what about the other arts?

Rock Lee can’t use ninjutsu because it’s not a natural ability for him. Rock Lee was not born to express chakra through ninjutsu or genjutsu. He can produce enough chakra for simple tasks like walking on water, but he was not born with the ability to say that chakra with ninjutsu or genjutsu.

With his taijutsu, Lee became a blossom late as the series progressed. After the ninjutsu failed, he focused only on hand-to-hand combat tactics. Lee can still produce enough chakra to climb walls and walk on water, but talking about it with body language seems unusual.

Along with Neji and Tenten, he starred as a member of Team Guy. Lee was their expert in hand-to-hand combat, similar to Shikamaru’s shadows in Team Asuma.

That is not to say that Rock Lee will not be able to use any chakra at all. He can walk on water, which requires a minor chakra from the bottom of the ninja’s foot. Without at least a smidgeon of chakra, Rock Lee will not be able to walk on water.

There are a few advantages to this trade. Lee may open his inner gates by concentrating all his energy on his physical body. These are the limitations imposed on a human body that ninjutsu workers may never face.

Because he can open a few chakra gates, we know that Rock Lee can control the chakra. Rock Lee could open a few inner gates during the Naruto Shippuden era. The ninja can use up to 20% of their body energy. To protect themselves, internal gates were set. Lee found out how to open these gates, but it took practice to regain chakra flow throughout the body.

More Thoughts on the absence of Rock Lee’s Ninjutsu

In Boruto, Rock Lee managed to open the 8th inner gate but could not use any ninjutsu.

The chakras of others can still influence rock Lee. He is in danger of genjutsu from anyone and is not immune to ninjutsu attacks.

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