Who Is Kawaki In Boruto? Character Profile

Who Is Kawaki In Boruto? Kawaki is the visible future enemy of the Boruto series. He threatens young Boruto about the burnt remains of Leaf Village in an instant. Isshiki of the Kara organization got Kawaki to serve as his ship in the end, but Team 7 was able to bring him back to Leaf Village. His age is estimated to be 16 years, and however, this has never been proven.

Boruto is younger than 12-year-old Naruto, so it makes sense. Boruto will be about 16 years old when he fights Kawaki if the jump period is four years.

Joins The Uzumaki Family

Kawaki is not the son of Naruto. During Kara’s investigation, he was admitted to the Uzamaki home to remain under Naruto’s protection, but Kawaki is not connected to Naruto. Boruto and Kawaki are not siblings, but Naruto took Kawaki because he took him under his wing. Instead, they are friends.

Boruto and Kawaki’s relationship began on a moving earth. Kawaki was upset and inaccessible to Hokage’s son, who was unhappy to share his place. Their relationship escalated when Kawaki smashed Himawari’s bowl.

Meanwhile, Kawaki is no stronger than Naruto. He asked the Hokage to teach him Ninjutsu and other ninja skills, and he does not recognize or challenge Naruto’s power. The birth father is unclear, though he should have been less concerned about Kawaki’s health. Isshiki bought Kawaki from his father, promising him a bright future and the end of his hardships.

The Karma Seal

The symbols of Boruto and Kawaki are their symbols of Karma. Amado performs a test on Kawaki to act as Jigen’s last ship, causing the signs to rise. Boruto’s karma seal was provided by Momoshiki, who took his body to chapter # 53.

After participating in another Amado study, Kawaki discovered the mark of Karma. To secure a healthy Isshiki ship, 15 teens were implanted in artificial wombs. Only Kawaki was able to escape, and as a result, he was given the mark of Karma. Isshiki’s evil Karma runs in Kawaki’s blood, yet it is not bad.

Kawaki has no Jougan and Sharingan, instead of relying on his Karma stamp and other ninja technology to protect him.

Relationships With Others

Sarada does not like Kawaki, although he realizes that his personality has developed over time. At first, he considered him a joke. Sarada saw Kawaki get along well with Boruto and his friend’s team after defending Himawari from a member of Kara.

When a group of Leaf Village youths ran to the market, they ran to Kawaki. Naruto intervened as his first inclination was to retreat and fight. Sarada said Kawaki could not blame his upbringing for mistreating others. Naruto urged Kawaki to put down his silver tongue and be very friendly.

Kawaki In the Future

The future of Kawaki in Boruto is unknown. He has just started appearing in anime, and new manga chapters are released every month. Kawaki has not yet revealed where he sent Naruto. “I’ll send you where I sent the 7th Hokage,” Boruto warned in a flash-forward. It is unclear what it means yet, but it seems Naruto is still alive.

Kawaki appears in episode # 181, “The Vessel.” It launches the ship’s arc, introduces the Kawaki and sets the events leading up to the act of skipping time.

This page will be updated when new information about Kawaki becomes available.

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