When Does Sasuke Realize Naruto is Stronger?

In recent years, Sasuke has always been modest, yet there is a point in admitting that Naruto is more potent than he is. When Does Sasuke Realize Naruto is Stronger?

During their rooftop battle, Sasuke realizes that Naruto is stronger than the two. On the contrary, Naruto’s Rasengan destroys the back of the water tower, and Sasuke’s Chidori is not harmed at all. Sasuke knew by this time that Naruto’s growth had surpassed his own.

Their war is the result of Sasuke’s discomfort. He was already upset with Naruto’s earlier victory against Gaara.

The story behind How Sasuke Realizes Naruto is Stronger

After her fight with Gaara, Sasuke wakes up in hospital in Chapter # 173. Suddenly, he admits that Naruto was the one who saved Sakura, who fought bravely and “showed unprecedented strength.”

Sasuke is outraged by Naruto’s closure. It comes to mind for Naruto’s clone jutsu and frog. Sakura introduces the apple slices to Sasuke but pushes the plate and looks at the sky as the next panel mimics the look of Orochimaru.

Naruto enters the room to visit Sasuke. He sees some memories of Jiraiya announcing that Akatsuki’s real intention is to capture Naruto, with Itachi noticing that Sasuke is not happy with him. Naruto is brave in battle, and they both chase each other on the roof.

Chidori and Rasengan are two very powerful Jutsu. Kakashi stops the duel and directs the boys’ strikes along the way before a powerful Jutsu collides. Their attacks hit water towers on opposite sides of the roof, locking their hands inside.

Sasuke takes his post-Chidori hand out of the water tower. He rejoiced at the incredible damage he had done. With the force of the attack, Kashi wonders if Sasuke intended to kill Naruto.

He jumps to his feet, revealing the background of the water tower that Naruto crashed into. Rasengan eliminates the background. Water is pumped out of the building, showing it all inside.

Sasuke is amazed and wonders how Naruto can grow so fast.

The explanation is that Sasuke realizes Naruto’s power when Rasengan is more damaging to the water tower than his Chidori.

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