What Is The Curse Mark On Sasuke?

Sasuke’s curse mark is called the Cursed Seal of Heaven. As Sasuke was taking the Chunin Exams, Orchimaru infiltrated the Forest of Death and placed a curse mark on him. As a result of getting his mark, Sasuke has more power, but he loses his will to Orochimaru.

When Sasuke first joined Orochimaru, he was given a seal on his neck. This seal came to be known as the “Curse Mark”. Many people only sought the true meaning of this seal, or if it even had one to begin with. There are several theories that answer this question.

First Theory: The Seal Was A Summoning Jutsu

One of the first theories is that Sasuke had accidentally turned his Curse Mark into a summoning jutsu, like Naruto did with the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and Killer B did with his Eight Gates Technique. This was, however, disproved by Boruto when he summoned a creature to fight Momoshiki’s creatures.

Second Theory: The Seal Gave Sasuke Enhanced Strength & Chakra

A second theory is that the seal gave sasuke an enhanced amount of strength and chakra, which he used when he fought against Naruto in their final battle. This was also disproved by Boruto, who had sasuke’s Chakra Mode, but didn’t get enhanced strength.

Third Theory: Curse Mark Was To Prevent Orochimaru From Summoning His Body Back To Him

A third theory states the purpose of the seal was to prevent sasuke from summoning his body back to him, which would make sasuke free Orochimaru. After Sakura cut off the arm of sasuke using Shikamaru and Choji, sasuke has the ability to summon his body back to sasuke’s location through his curse mark.

Fourth Theory: Sasuke Learned Of A New Ability Of The Curse Mark

A less popular theory is that sasuke learned of a new ability of the curse mark, which sasuke activated by sakura cutting sasuke’s arm off. The Curse Mark allowed sasuke to use his own chakra against him in order to strengthen sasuke’s limbs when they are attacked, even if sasuke wasn’t in charge of the attack.

How Did Sasuke Get Rid of The Mark?

When Sasuke activated his new ability, he got rid of the curse mark. When sakura attacked sasuke with her kunai, sasuke’s chakra pushed back against sakura’s kunai, which cut off sasuke’s arm even though sakura hadn’t hit sasuke. This shows sasuke is immune to his own chakra, which sakura used when sakura cut sasuke’s arm off.

After sakura cut sasuke’s arm off, Sasuke has never had the seal on his neck since. However, sasuke still does have the seal on sasuke’s arm, as Sasuke activated it during sasuke and Naruto’s final battle.

During episode # 138 “The End” of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke has the curse mark removed. It was created by Orochimaru and is called the Cursed Seal of Heaven. The new version of Boruto does not feature Sasuke’s curse mark.

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