What Is Naruto Baryon Mode? New Chapter Reveal

Naruto Baryon Mode is a powerful new transformation that the protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki, achieved during his encounter with Momoshiki. The form was announced by Kurama in Chapter 700, and it acted as Naruto’s key to victory against Kinshiki Otsutsuki.

Later on, it played a pivotal role in the Fourth Shinobi World War as well as Naruto’s fight against Sasuke at the Valley of the End. In both instances, it helped him defeat his opponents and emerge victoriously.

The name “Baryon” is derived from “baryonic matter,” which refers to the type of matter that makes up the bulk of the universe’s mass. This is in contrast to “dark matter,” which accounts for a large fraction of the universe but cannot be seen. The form’s name alludes to Naruto’s new strength and power as well as its role in his victory against Momoshiki.

What Chapter Does Naruto Get Baryon Mode?

In chapter #52 of the Boruto, Naruto get Baryon Mode. It is an ability that Naruto uses. To unlock the mode, Boruto uses one of his techniques on Naruto to give him a Tailed Beast Mode. Naruto eventually uses Baryon Mode to defeat Momoshiki and Kinshiki who were powerful enemies.

Naruto has many forms and modes he can use, unlocked as his ninja abilities grow. One of these, Baryon Mode, is unlocked after learning about and losing a dear friend of his. To get to this form of chakra, Naruto needs to be at least an Uzumaki.

What Episode Does Naruto Learn Kurama Mode?

Episode #247 of the Naruto Anime in Which Naruto learn Kurama Mode. The Anime is called “Naruto” and is called “Naruto: Shippūden” for the English release.

Naruto learns Kurama mode in order to defeat Obito, who has perfected the Ten Tails (Kurama) and is about to attack Naruto.

What Episode Does Naruto Befriend Kurama?

It’s in Naruto Shippuden episode #329 that Kurama becomes friends with Naruto. The episode covers chapters 570-572 of the Naruto manga.

Does Boruto have Kurama?

No, Boruto doesn’t has Kurama, although it’s depicted that he does in the Boruto anime or manga.

This is probably done to depict Kurama as a sort of father/grandfather figure for Boruto and not giving him actual control over his abilities would be disrespectful. It also gives the resemblance that he has some sort of spirit connection with Naruto’s mother, Kushina.

Boruto’s parents are Naruto and Hinata, but it will likely be explained as to why Boruto doesn’t have Kurama.

It is mentioned in the 5th episode of Boruto anime that he does indeed have both Kurama and Shinki. It also says that they don’t have a lot of time with them because you have to give them back once you’re done using their chakra.

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