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What Is Bakugou Hero Name? Officially Revealed

“DynaMight” is Bakugou Hero Name. After several rejected names, Bakugo settled on DynaMight in chapter #293.

A hero name needs to be approved by the government before it can be used. While Bakugo has his in chapter #293, when is his official debut?

Almost six months after he settled on DynaMight. A B-rank villain attack in chapter #296 prompts All Might to debrief students with Bakugou being lectured by dabi.

This is bakugou’s first hero name, bakugo will be debuting as bakudyne in the bnha movie!

Will Bakugou’s Hero Name Be Kacchan?

Kacchan is not the name of Bakugou’s hero. His name is Deku. The name Kacchan’s hero is Dynamite.

What About His Classmates?

Shoto is Todoroki’s hero name. Iida’s hero name is Tenya. Kaminari’s is Charge Bolt. Jiro’s is Earphone Jack. Sero’s is Tape Quirk. Sato’s is Sugar Rush, but he isn’t a huge presence in the series so far.

Aizawa took over All Might’s teaching position when he became too injured to continue teaching.

Class A is the top class of Yuuei, but not all of them are considered pros. The current top ten students in the school are ranked as heroes by the public and official rankings.

The license exams were first shown during the Chuugakkou arc (episodes 10-12) with light spoilers for Bakugo’s classmates.

The rankings for the license exams haven’t been given out in the anime yet.

Possibly after this arc, there will be a training camp arc where they take on missions and such between semesters.

Kaminari mentions that he’d like to work with Cementoss (the pro hero who created Sludge) during the license exam. There are also rumors that Soundwave will appear in this arc, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The manga gives more insight into what happened to Bakugo after he was taken by the League of Villains. He’s still part of the team, which is why they’re able to communicate with him so easily.

The villains didn’t go after Izuku and All Might because they were too busy with Katsuki, not to mention they were exhausted from all the fighting they did.

There will be a number of pro heroes coming to Yuuei for the cultural festival, but it hasn’t been stated in the manga yet.

What Is Bakugou’s Official Hero Name?

Bakugou’s Official Hero name was revealed to be “DynaMight”. The full name was later changed to “DynoMIGHT”. “DynaMIGHT” comes from the combination of ‘dynamite’ and ‘might’.

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