What Episode Does Neji Die? A Look Back

What Episode Does Neji Die? Episode # 364 of Naruto Shippuden’s “The Ties That Bind” is the episode’s title, which includes chapters of Naruto manga # 613-615. He dies while defending Naruto and Hinata from the Ten-Tails presentation.

Because he proclaimed Naruto a genius early, Neji gave his life for her sake. Neji was convinced that Naruto’s presence was essential to the war’s outcome because of their mutual respect. At first, Hinata jumped in front of Naruto to protect him from the arrow, but Neji saved them.

Why Did They Kill Off Neji?

To bring Naruto and Hinata closer, Neji was killed. Masashi Kishimoto, a creator of the Naruto anime series, said in a interview before the release of “The Last: Naruto the Movie” that he wanted a way for Naruto to understand that Hinata would always be around him. Hinata expressed her feelings about Neji during the fight against Pain, but Neji’s death was the last tool for their reunion.

Kishimoto also pointed out that Neji’s death inspired Naruto’s “Bolt” name and Hinata’s future child in an interview. The word “Boruto” is a tribute to his late uncle, as the word “Neji” is translated as “screw.”

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In Naruto, who killed Neji?

In Naruto, Ten-Tails killed Neji. The beast hurled sharpened wooden objects at the battlefield. Neji gave his life to protect Naruto from the Ten-Tails, believing that his presence was essential to the war’s outcome. He acted as a human shield, shielding Naruto and Hinata from the arrows of the Arrow.

Does Neji Get Revived?

No, Neji was not resurrected. Naruto and Hinata survived because of their self-sacrificing spirit in the war. No one who had jutsu could bring Neji back to life, and Neji has never been resurrected in the series.

What episode is Neji going through? Episode 364 of Naruto Shippuden Defend Naruto and Hinata from a flying arrow by making a human shield.

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