What Episode Does Kakashi Die?

Episode #159 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime series is the episode in which Kakashi dies. He sacrifices himself to save Naruto, Sakura, and Sai by being struck with a lightning-infused Chidori sword created by Sasuke. The attack disables his heart temporarily, allowing him just enough time to impart his final words to Naruto before he dies.

At the start of episode #159, Team 7 is facing off against an ‘invisible’ clone of Zabuza. Kakashi is in the frontline battling Haku and his ice mirrors, while Naruto and Sakura battle Zabuza. After a heated fight against an ‘invisible’ clone of Zabuza, Kakashi is seen to be breathing heavily with visible sweat on his face.

He tries to catch his breath and wipe off the sweat from his face, but fails to do so as he is still panting and his hands are trembling. Naruto, Sakura and Sai watch on with concern evident on their faces.

How does Kakashi come back to life?

Kakashi’s death was very sudden and shocking to us all. This is the first time Naruto becomes aware of the fact that even ninja are mortal, for they can also die just like anyone else.   Most fans have questioned how Kakashi came back to life after being struck on his chest by the lightning-chakra infused blade of Zabuza.

At first, we just thought that it was right out of Naruto’s popularity to bring back such a beloved character who had died in only his first mission as a Chunin-sensei just like how Jiraiya saved Konohamaru and Iruka (which is also another event that fans questioned). However, after watching the Kakashi Gaiden arc, it became evident that there was more to his ‘revival’ than just mere plot device.

We can now see that this becomes a major clue to the rest of the series as to what Naruto represents and how he is able to defeat such powerful characters.

Let us backtrack a little and first lay some groundwork as to what the chakra of the Rikudou Sennin is capable of doing.

Does Kakashi die in Boruto?

Brave Chronicles, a video game based on Naruto that will be released in Japan in March. This game has caught the attention of fans because it states “The last adventure including Kakashi”. And because the main character is Boruto, many speculate this could mean Kakashi will die at some point during the story.

The latest scan (below) from Shonen Jump magazine confirms this is not the case. Kakashi will still be alive during part of Boruto’s story.

Sasuke appears in these screenshots, either with or without a beard. In the previous scans, Sasuke had a beard and was always shown in his ANBU uniform (with a curse seal). This time around he does not have a beard and has the new Uchiha outfit.

Who kills Kakashi?

Pain, a member of Akatsuki attempting to bring peace to the world through negotiating stalemates between nations through the control of beasts with multiple tails, kills Kakashi.

Kakashi was killed in the previous issue and we have already received several emails with theories on who did it.

Most people think that either Obito, Sasuke or some other unnamed character pulled off the killing. Now is your chance to help figure out this mystery!

When does this take place in the anime?

Scene of this episode take place during the Pain’s Assault arc, which follows the Power to Believe arc and precedes the Mystery of Pain arc.

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